WHO Zika alert to women: delay pregnancy

WHO Zika alertPRAYER ALERT for WHO Zika alert. The World Health Organization says the only sure way to avoid birth defects from the Zika virus is for infected women to consider delaying pregnancy. A woman may catch the Zika virus if she has unprotected sex with an infected man, or if she is bitten by a zika-carrying mosquito. She herself will have at worst only one week of mild fever, muscle and joint pain, skin rash and fatiguethough there are a few instances of temporary paralysis. But if she is pregnant, her fetus may die or may be born with severe birth defects.

That is why the WHO Zika alert is so extraordinary. It implies that men and women refrain from sex without condoms. Because 80% will never show symptoms yet still carry the virus. So you will never know if you or your sex partner has Zika or not. The WHO Zika alert applies mainly to nations with active zika virus transmission. That includes all Caribbean and Latin American nations except Chile and Uruguay. However, travelers to these nations may be infected with Zika without knowing it. They may carry it back to their home country. Already the US has 700 confirmed cases of Zika infections. Eighteen nations in Europe run a moderate risk of facing a Zika outbreak this summer. Health experts have even called for the relocation of the summer Olympics from Brazil, where Zika first broke out…

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PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are the Maker of all and the Healer of all. There is nothing You have made that You cannot heal. Sin entered the world through man. Disease and death entered the world through sin. We thank You for Jesus on the cross taking on Himself all the sin and suffering of the world. The punishment that brought us peace is upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed.

His blood is the ultimate antidote. Apply His blood to this Zika outbreak. It is spreading through mosquitoes, which are breeding in more and more countries. Heal those lands and neutralize this virus. It is spreading through sex, which You created for husbands and wives for multiplying families. Yet there is no quick diagnostic test to determine who has it. And so babies are conceived and born with brain defects.

This cannot be Your good will for them. You sacrificed Your own Son for them. Let Jesus have the reward of His sacrifice. Have mercy on these children whether they were born in wedlock or not. Do not allow this to justify an escalation of abortions. Answer the prayers of the infected with miracles. Answer the prayers of doctors with antidotes. Be glorified in the heavens and on the earth every time You answer prayer. For You are loving toward all that You have made. Show that Your love never fails. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight. Healing and forgiveness are found at the cross of Christ, where He took our wounds and sins upon His own body (see Isa. 53:5).

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The implications of the WHO Zika alert are vast.

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