Sodomy lawsuit verdict set for July 27

sodomy lawsuit

Belize Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 1 on sodomy lawsuit. On June 17 Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin announced that he would deliver the sodomy lawsuit verdict on July 27, 2016. He made a similar announcement after the sodomy lawsuit case went on trial three years ago, on May 7-10, 2013. He declared that he would decide it by July 2013. Since then he has steadily lost credibility.

Because in May 2013 the arguments for the UNIBAM (United Belize Advocacy Movement) sodomy lawsuit fell to the ground. It was just as hundreds of Christians had been praying at nightly gatherings outside the court. Two top foreign lawyers actually tried to build their case for legalizing sodomy on foreign grounds! Lord Peter Goldsmith was the UK’s former attorney general. Christopher Hamel-Smith was a top Queen’s Counsel attorney from Trinidad. Believe it or not, they argued from cases in South Africa, India, and Fiji. They kept saying, “My lord, I’d like to take you to South Africa,” etc. (the “lord” being Chief Justice Benjamin). They urged that Belize must follow those foreign precedents. And what did the two Belizean attorneys for the sodomy lawsuit say in court? Not one word!

The churches joined the other side of the case as an interested party. The churches’ attorneys were all Belizeans. They kept saying in reply, “My lord, I’d like to take you to the Belize Constitution…” Nigel Hawke said the Supreme Court cannot implant—or transplant from other nations—new rights into the Belize Constitution. The Belize Constitution provides a legislature to make and change laws. The legislature represents the whole Belizean people—who are the ones to determine Belize’s moral code—not one judge. Eamon Courtenay argued that the claimant for the sodomy lawsuit, Caleb Orozco, had no case to bring to court. He was not accused of a crime. If he wanted his privacy to be protected, why was he making a public issue of his private life? But if Orozco wanted the people of Belize to approve of his own moral or immoral standard, he should have taken his case to the people in a referendum. Then, Courtenay concluded, the people could decide.

But the case went before one judge instead of before the people where it belonged. That judge sat on it for three years. The Belize Constitution requires that “the case shall be given a fair hearing within a reasonable time” (Section 6.7). Instead he let the memory of churches’ lawyers’ overwhelming arguments in May 2013 fade. He waited until a wave of sympathy for LGBT people followed the June 12 terrorist attack at “Latino Night” in an Orlando gay nightclub.

Sure enough, the main Belizean lawyer for the sodomy lawsuit, Lisa Shoman, capitalized on the attack. “It’s sad that something like the Orlando massacre woke people up in Belize. But it did and that is the important message.” Was the message of the attack mainly an assault against gays? Or was it jihad against the West in the name of ISIS, to which the killer pledged allegiance that night? Why don’t LGBT advocates turn against radical Islam terrorists instead of against peaceful opponents of their agenda? And how about some respect for those mourning the victims? Would the Orlando victims’ families really want us to highlight their homosexual behavior above everything else?

That’s what the gay US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno, did eleven days after the massacre. He should have lowered the US flag to half-mast in mourning. But he chose to raise the LGBT flag above the US Embassy in Belize. At that flag-raising, Attorney Lisa Shoman went further and claimed victory for the homosexual cause. What kind of victory did she mean?

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DailyInsight: The more freedom we give to LGBT advocates, the more freedom they take away from us (see Gen. 19:4-9).

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Three years later decision on sodomy lawsuit promised again.

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