Sodomy ruling delayed, church prays for judge

sodomy rulling

Belize Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.

PRAYER ALERT on sodomy ruling. As an evening of fervent prayer on July 26th drew to a close, the news was confirmed. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is too ill to deliver the sodomy ruling on July 27. Apparently one symptom is a blot clot developing in his lung. We prayed for his healing. We know that the pressure of the world is bearing on the Chief Justice to give in to the LGBT agenda. It is a pressure bearing on all of us in this little nation. If sodomy is legalized in Belize, it would set a precedent for the other 39 Commonwealth nations where sodomy is illegal, to give in too. That is what the great powers of the world want. But that would set Belize against the power of Almighty God.

Church Senator Ashley Rocke

Church Senator Ashley Rocke.

That is why Church Senator Ashley Rocke called all Christians to gather at the Supreme Court the night before the expected decision. That is why up to 300 Christians came from far and wide to pray. Heads of seven denominations contributed to the prayers. Most of the districts in Belize were represented. Three busloads from the distant Toledo District were set to arrive the next morning. We were going to have one final prayer gathering outside the Supreme Court at 8:30 am. The Chief Justice’s verdict was planned for 9:00 am.

Now the sodomy ruling has been rescheduled for August 10. Until then, we can keep interceding in agreement with the many prayers offered up on July 26. Specifically that God will:

  • Keep His mighty hand upon the Chief Justice until he accepts God’s verdict on the sodomy ruling.
  • Give him more peace and clarity of conscience the closer he comes to that verdict.
  • Lift the oppression of the tyrannical homosexual spirit off Belize.
  • Make one-man one-woman marriages fruitful and multiply for God’s glory.
  • Take back the ground taken by the recent LGBT pride march in Guatemala.
  • Reverse the legalization of same sex marriages in an increasing number of Latin American nations.
  • Preserve the Godly laws against sodomy in most Caribbean and Commonwealth nations.
  • Turn the US Ambassador to Belize from an LGBT promoter to a God-fearer.
  • Show all LGBT advocates that true freedom and fulfillment are found in only one name—JESUS!
  • And much more…

We finished by holding hands and getting on our knees. We prayed that God’s power to save would overcome the enemy’s power to deceive. And we stood and closed by singing How Great is Our God. Because we know this. No matter what the sodomy ruling, God will have the last word!

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DailyInsight. Those who make the most noise get the world’s attention. Those who make the most prayers get God’s attention (See Esther 3-4).

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