Sodomy verdict to be prayed for in all Belize

sodomy verdict

Church Senator Ashley Rocke.

BC-HOP PRAYER for sodomy verdict. Belize Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin said he will deliver the sodomy verdict on July 27. Right here at Remar heads of six denominations and other national evangelical leaders, including Church Senator Ashley Rocke, met on July 5th. They agreed to call all Christians in the nation to pray that the Chief Justice will decide against opening this door to the gay agenda in Belize. These prayer meetings will occur in all the districts at 7 pm on Saturday, July 23rd. One last prayer meeting will occur at the Supreme Court in Belize City on July 26th. That is the night before the verdict is due.

 What happens if the sodomy verdict makes it legal? Activists will seek to promote it in the streets, schools, media, marketplace and government. If the gender policy goes unchanged, gays will have special rights and services that the rest of us don’t have. In fact, they may try to take away the rights of Christians as in the US. We need a gender policy that defines gender as male and female only, and marriage as between one man and one woman only. It should promote abstinence before marriage and faithfulness after marriage. It must work against human trafficking of men and women. It must enforce laws for child and spousal support and against physical and sexual abuse. 

Sodomy is a form of abuse, not a form of love. If it is normalized, more and more abuse will be normalized. Pray that the sodomy verdict will be no! Not in Belize! Pray that the Chief Justice and the nation turn from this agenda and toward God’s good plan for husbands and wives to be fruitful and multiply and raise their children in God’s ways. Pray that God will shut His door on the LGBT agenda and no one will be able to open it. Pray in solidarity with churches in Guatemala, the Caribbean and Latin America and the British Commonwealth that this agenda will not make headway there. Pray that Britain and the EU have another great Reformation as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and they repudiate this agenda and embrace God’s good will.

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DailyInsightThe more freedom we give to LGBT activists, the more freedom they take away from us (See Gen. 19:4-9).


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