Chief Justice ruling on sodomy law in dispute

chief justice

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

PRESS RELEASE on Chief Justice ruling“The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) is calling upon the Prime Minister of Belize to appeal the ruling of the Chief Justice on the Section 53 lawsuit.  In a mere 4 hours, 11 Denominational Overseers and 132 National Pastors responded by text saying they support the request for the Government to appeal the decision.

The controversial points of the Chief Justice’s ruling, which we disagree with, violate fundamental beliefs and convictions of the religious community in Belize, as well as the overwhelming majority of the Belizean populace opposing this ruling.

The Chief Justice undoubtedly over-reached the scope of his office in redefining the Constitutional term ‘sex’ as to include ‘sexual orientation,’ a move that in other countries has required the amending of their Constitution by adding those specific words to secure that specific meaning.” 

Pastor Lance Lewis

NEAB President (601-2381)

 Pastor Scott Stirm, VP        Pastor Vic Hernandez, 2nd VP        Pastor Deon Pascascio, Treasurer

George Ferrar, Secretary     Pastor Rick Novelo, Asst. Secretary   Pastor Tony Teul, Toledo Exec.

Richard Smith, Belmopan Exec.                Roldan Rios, Orange Walk Exec.

Pastor Victor Enriquez, Dangriga Exec.            Pastor Tomas Zetina, Corozal Exec.

DailyInsight. On the last day, divine judgment and rewards will be radically different than the world’s present judgment and rewards (See 1 Cor. 4:4-5).

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Chief Justice redefined sex.

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