Church-State Commission sets pro-family goals

Church-State Commission

The new Church-State Commission.

PRAYER ALERT for Church-State Commission. On 26 September the first meeting of a “Morality Commission” for Belize exceeded expectations. It involved leaders from the Belize Council of Churches, and the three evangelical associations—NEAB, BAEC and the mostly Spanish-speaking Alliance of Ministers and Leaders. Church leaders anticipated it with considerable skepticism. Much of that skepticism was voiced at the meeting itself, especially at the beginning.

The name itself came under criticism. A “Morality Commission” sounded too much like the “Morality Police.” We heard of LGBT activist Caleb Orozco attacking the Commission chair, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, for not including him on the Commission. At the Commission meeting, BCC President Roosvelt Papaloute expressed concern that the Commission would focus on one issue only, then disband. Others complained that too many commissions like this were all talk and no action. Privately some whispered that they wondered how these sometimes contentious church groups could really work together.

But once we vented our doubts, we found ourselves coming into agreement on what we can and must do together without delay. We must fully appeal the Chief Justice’s ruling that legalized sodomy. We must launch up to four constitutional amendments to safeguard Belize against the LGBT agenda. Our first amendment would define marriage as between one man and one woman only. The second amendment would define gender as male and female only. The third amendment would prevent sex education from being infiltrated with gay propaganda. The fourth amendment would prohibit any public promotion of homosexuality.

We agreed to do so as the Church-State Commission. That would keep any secular actors from trying to gain a seat and pull us away from the biblical basis we want to build on.

church-state commission

Deputy PM Patrick Faber conceded the churches time to review the newly revised gender policy.

In addition, we agreed to review how the government revised its gender policy. Both BCC and evangelicals collaborated on an exhaustive Church Comprehensive Report which identified many pro-LGBT or anti-family elements in that policy. Prime Minister Barrow committed to us in late 2014 to incorporate many of our recommendations into the policy. But no one—except one of us, recently—has received a copy of the resulting revision. This made us all the more determined to get it and scour through it.

It’s a tall order for the Church-State Commission—one appeal of the Chief Justice’s verdict, four constitutional amendments, and an analysis of the government gender policy. Yet we agreed that all are urgent. So urgent in fact, that we set three months for our target date to finish all this work together, and six months as the ultimate deadline. After that, we can keep the Church-State Commission alive any time we find a specific task to collaborate on.

The Church-State Commission is now composed of Catholics, BCC, NEAB, BAEC, and the Alliance. Can we keep working together? Yes, as long as we keep praying together.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we thank You that Jesus purchased peace for us on the Cross. We thank You for the ministry of reconciliation. We thank You for reconciling the parts of Your body in the new Church-State Commission. We thank You that You have moved the government to listen to us. You have united this Church-State Commission in a common cause for the nation. Help us to keep the ways You have shown us. Help us to preserve marriage between one man and one woman only. To promote sex within marriage only. To raise our children on truth instead of on gay propaganda. We want to be fruitful and multiply in ways that glorify our Creator.

We also ask You to establish a gender policy based on the above truths. Give us discernment as we study the amendments the Prime Minister has made. We need to see more emphasis on child and spousal support. Better measures to combat violence in the homes and sex trafficking outside the homes. Stronger measures against child molestation. And repudiation of special rights for gays and prostitutes to flaunt their lifestyle. Turn us from the road to Sodom back to the ways of Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight. Those who make the most noise get the world’s attention. Those who make the most prayers get God’s attention (See Esther 3-4).

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