PM concedes some church & union demands

PM concedes

National Evangelical Association of Belize President Lance Lewis.

PRAYER ALERT for PM concedes. In response to public outcry against recent government moves, Prime Minister Barrow is already reversing course on several issues. He agrees to appeal the Chief Justice’s interpretation of “sex” in the Constitution as meaning “sexual orientation.” The PM concedes that the churches can mount a full appeal of the Chief Justice’s ruling to legalize sodomy. He is responding to church and union pressure for an independent investigation of corruption in the Immigration Department. Now the PM concedes that a Senate Select Committee should investigate. Also, the PM concedes that Senator Godwin Hulse, the Minister of Immigration, should not serve on that committee.

But at the same time the PM concedes to these demands, his critics allege that he is trying to divide the groups to which he is making concessions. He met Monday with the teachers’ union, the Public Service Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers. The latter two said they are willing to defer until next year the third tranche of their salary readjustment. But the Belize National Teachers Union said no to any further delay.

BNTU President Luke Palacio said his union may take the government to court for union-busting. BNTU showed yesterday why it is the most powerful union in Belize. It came out 3000+ strong to march in Belmopan with a number of demands. It insists on payment of teacher salaries as the government promised. PM Barrow has made an undisclosed counter-proposal. BNTU leaders meet with the PM again on Thursday. We must pray for divine wisdom to prevail, divine guidance for uprooting corruption, and divine resources for Belize to keep its commitments.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You say that righteousness exalts a nation. But sin is a disgrace to any people. In Belize, government leaders are committing, approving or covering up hideous sins. They are selling passports and citizenship to foreign con artists. They are allowing one con artist to get away with the worst kind of murder. And they are letting the foreign gay agenda change our laws and Constitution. Many have given in to cynicism at this widespread corruption. But we thank You that You have heard our cry against these disgraces. We thank You that the nation is hearing too. We thank You that unions of teachers, utility workers, and managers are hearing. 

The tide has turned. We thank You that the Prime Minister is also hearing. We thank You that He has allowed our appeal of the sodomy ruling. And that he has allowed a Senate investigation into the immigration scandal. But there is much more justice to be done. Empower us as we seek to reverse the sodomy ruling. Give us favor as we seek to establish one-man one-woman marriage in the Constitution. Encourage the unions to base their unity on moral principles.

Continue to expose immorality and corruption. Warn corrupt leaders to repent or else be removed by Your hand. For You are Judge of all. You put down one and exalt another. Set a course of righteousness in each department of government. Be there to say, this is the way, walk ye in it. Show how all is laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Give us grace for our accounts to be paid by virtue of the cross. And let Your good will be manifest in Belize. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. Give authority only to those who have proven they will submit to that authority as much as they ask others to (see Gen. 39:1-6).

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