Russian Christians banned from sharing faith

Russian Christians

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PRAYER ALERT for Russian Christians by Antony Bushfield. From Intercessory Prayer Ministries International August 4 Prayer Agenda. Russian Christians are now banned from discussing their faith outside of churches and other designated places under new anti-terror laws.

As of July 20th it is illegal to preach, teach or share faith outside state-controlled settings.

Senior Protestant church leader in Russia, Sergei Ryakhovsky, said the law ‘creates the basis for the mass persecution of Russian Christians’.

The new law was passed almost unanimously by Russian MPs. It means anyone caught sharing their faith outside church faces a fine of at least £600.

Russian officials insist it is to tackle terrorism and is aimed at Islamic hate preaching.

Some fear it’s a way of clamping down on the growing number of house churches across the country. Currently there are around 1,000 in Moscow alone…

Paul Robinson is the chief executive of anti-persecution charity Release International. He said, “… Church leaders are warning of a return to the bad old Soviet era when the church was driven underground.”

“Our message to President Putin is please don’t confuse Russian Christians with terrorists. Think again, sir, about this law and its consequences for ordinary believers.”

In light of this law, passed on 6th July, the European Evangelical Alliance has issued a “Call to Prayer for Russia.” It states that it is extremely concerned about Russia’s new anti-terrorism law. Of particular note are these concerns.


  • Sharing one’s faith will now be restricted to named members of registered organisations.
  • All sharing of faith will be forbidden in homes. Informal witnessing between individuals is not allowed.
  • There are also restrictions on witnessing via social media.


·         That through this law Russian Christians will become united in true brotherly love. That this will be expressed in very practical and obvious ways.

·         That the Holy Spirit will enable His people to be ‘wise as serpents and harmless as doves’ under this new law. That more and more people will be added to the church.

·         That the Russian authorities will make a distinction between Russian Christians harmlessly practising their faith and terrorists involved in subversive activities.


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