Sex orientation ruling opens door for appeal

sex orientation

Belize Catholic Bishop Dorick Wright

BELIZE JOURNAL Pt. 1 on sex orientation. After Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin legalized sodomy on August 10, the churches were told they could not appeal. They were only Interested Parties in the case. Only the Defendant—the Government of Belize—could make the sodomy verdict appeal. And the government refused.

But the case is not closed yet. It turns out that the enemy has overplayed his hand. Not only did his unwitting accomplice the Chief Justice strike down the law against sodomy. The Chief Justice committed overreach by ruling that “the word ‘sex’ in the Constitution is to be interpreted as including sex orientation.” Not even the plaintiff Caleb Orozco went so far as to ask for that. Predictably, it was the foreign-funded and foreign-operated Human Dignity Trust which pushed for that change.

Orozco’s attorney Lisa Shoman was ecstatic. “The Chief Justice blew the windows open with ‘sex = sex orientation’ and the door’s about to be kicked down as the transgender have their rights they are pursuing. And I will be with them!” Actually, the Chief Justice blew open the door to a sodomy verdict appeal, and the vast majority of churches are rushing in.

Church leaders met with Prime Minister Barrow on September 5. They protested the redefining of “sex” in the Constitution from meaning male and female to “sex orientation”, meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. It would only take a lawsuit to make constitutional same-sex marriage, forced hiring of LGBTs on church staffs, and virtually the entire LGBT agenda. All this is obnoxious to the vast majority of Belizeans as well as abominable to God.

The Prime Minister, beset by recent corruption scandals, was in no position to further offend the populace…

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DailyInsight. Every philosophy that denies God distorts His creation by seeing it through fragments instead of through His good design (see Rom. 1:18-21).

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Sex orientation ruling cited as judicial overreach.

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