Sodomy verdict appeal gains ground in Belize

sodomy verdict appeal

NEAB President Lance Lewis

BELIZE JOURNAL Pt. 2 on sodomy verdict appeal. At his second meeting with church leaders on September 9, Prime Minister Dean Barrow agreed to appeal the Chief Justice’s redefinition of “sex” in the Constitution as “sex orientation”. That allows the churches as Interested Parties to make their own sodomy verdict appeal. Oddly, this chance to appeal the August 10th legalization of sodomy was declined by the Anglicans—representing 3% of the population—and by the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, which claims to represent the Baptists and a handful of other churches.

However the Catholic Church, representing 50% of the Belizean population, is eagerly pursuing the sodomy verdict appeal. The new National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB), representing 250+ churches, is vigorously supporting this effort.

NEAB is also teaming with the Catholics to seek the complete removal of the pro-LGBT gender policy. Furthermore, the two are working on Constitutional Amendments to protect traditional marriage and family.

  1. To define “sex” and “gender” as male and female only.
  2. To enshrine marriage as between one male and one female only.

This is not only a church issue. The teachers’, communication workers’, light, and water unions are backing the sodomy verdict appeal. Together we must reverse the decision of one man to throw Belize and her children into the grasp of predators.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, through Your Word all things were made. Without Him nothing was made that has been made. You said that You made us male and female in Your image, and saw it was very good. The Chief Justice says that he can remake us into LGBTIQ. But nothing but evil can come from tampering with Your creation. You are the Master Designer. Let Your words stand. Let his words fall to the ground. We thank You that already the Prime Minister has heard us and is appealing the redefining of sex in our Constitution. We thank You that You have opened the door to a complete sodomy verdict appeal. Let no one shut that door.

Instead, shut the door that has been opened in Belize to the foreign LGBT agenda. Continue to give the churches favor as we pursue the sodomy verdict appeal. Bring more churches on board as we seek to enshrine Your design for marriage and sex in our Constitution. Our Constitution calls You supreme in Belize. Show how You so love Belize that You refuse to give it over to predators. Let the whole nation see that Your design marriage and sex is good and true, and that You empower us to fulfill that design for the benefit of future generations. Mobilize Your church to be vigilant to preserve and celebrate that design in every area of national life, for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.


DailyInsight. Every philosophy that denies God distorts His creation by seeing it through fragments instead of through His good design (see Rom. 1:18-21).

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