Teachers rally 3000+ while bargaining with PM

teachers rally

Luke Palacio, BNTU President

PRAYER ALERT for teachers rally. Yesterday 3000+ teachers left their schools to participate in a mass teachers rally in the capital city of Belmopan. They gathered in the Civic Center to hear speeches on a wide range of grievances. Then they marched to the steps of the National Assembly. The teachers rally concerned not only their own delayed pay raises—about which they had met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow the day before. It concerned corruption inside government. And it concerned territorial threats from the outside.

The featured speakers built on the growing indignation of unions and churches and the general populace with recent government scandals. They include widespread vexation with the legalization of sodomy. They include frustration with mixed signals at the border with the Guatemalan army. And they include outrage at disclosures that top officials have been selling passports and colluding with a con artist who beheaded a well-known pastor. Public sentiment is now welling up behind groups that are pressing for government accountability.

The teachers seek to bring that sense of national solidarity back to the table with the Prime Minister on Thursday. Meanwhile the teachers’ union will take an undisclosed compromise proposal by the PM to its membership. The PM admitted that he is doing all he can to put out numerous fires of discontent…

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DailyInsight. Give authority only to those who have proven they will submit to that authority as much as they ask others to (see Gen. 39:1-6).

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