How long will it take to recover from Hillary?

how long will it take to recoverPRAYER ALERT by Dutch Sheets on how long will it take to recoverI want to also preface my appeal by saying I have not been a huge Trump fan. Had I been allowed to vote in the primaries, he would not have been my first choice. His seeming arrogance, insults, history of philandering, personal ambition, etc. were very disconcerting to me. I kept an open mind, however, knowing God uses imperfect people and that He is very merciful—I don’t condone sin, but neither do I cast the first stone—and knowing that people do, indeed, change…

“Never Trump” Republican leaders suggest “we would only need to reverse 4-8 years of damage if Hillary is elected. In the long run that isn’t much.” Again, these leaders are either lying or horribly deceived. The damage presently occurring to our nation is—in the sense of time—exponential. Every year of damage means closer to 10 years in its longevity. How long will it take to recover from that damage? Specifically, we must ask:

How long will it take America to reverse another $4-8 trillion of increased debt? Decades!

How long will it take to recover from the decimating of our military? Decades!

How long will it take to defeat a now entrenched Obama/Clinton-enabled ISIS? Decades! (And honest military and intelligence leaders admit that we now have many radical Islamist terrorists here in the US, not just abroad.)

How long will it take to recover from the loss of appropriate fear, which our enemies, and the enemies of freedom around the world, once had toward us? Decades! (Our enemies now laugh at us. At the same time they attack us with our own weapons, or weapons purchased with millions in ransom money we paid them. While Putin rebuilds the Soviet empire and China makes plans to rule the world, we are disarming. We can’t even identify our enemies. Obama and those around him are foolish and spineless. Our military leaders know it. We are the laughingstock of our enemies. Hillary helped to set this debacle of foreign policy, and she will continue it.)

How long will it take to recover from 2-5 Clinton lifetime appointees to the Supreme Court? Decades! If she appoints five, which is feasible, she will have single-handedly appointed over half of the Supreme Court. She will have given the liberal, non-constitutionalists a 30-40 year, 7-2 majority advantage! (There is one vacancy now. Of the other 8 Justices, the three oldest are 77, 79 and 83. Two more are in their late 60’s.) Then there are the several hundred lifetime Federal Judges she would appoint. Obama has already appointed nearly half of our Federal Judges—all liberals. Hillary would appoint the other half. This entire scenario is unthinkable! If all this occurs, these overreaching, legislating ideologues will finish the job of decimating everything you and I stand for. America as we have known it may then be gone forever. We have less than three weeks to stop this…

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DailyInsight. The best form of government will change for the worse into the image of those who are allowed to run it for too long (See 2 Kings 21:9-13).

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