November 8 vote expected to shake the world

November 8 voteBELIZE JOURNAL PT.1 on November 8 vote. Lately observers have lamented how the issues have been overshadowed by the offensive personas of the presidential candidates. There’s much to say about that, but it has already been said. There’s not enough said about the crucial stances on issues that we must hold the candidates accountable to. Pray that US citizens will consider how their November 8 vote will affect the below key issues in the 2016 elections. They will not only set the course for the US in the next four years. They will shake the world.

The November 8 vote decides who chooses which Supreme Court judges are going to sit for decades. Their verdicts will be used as precedents worldwide. The November 8 vote will determine the direction of world markets, since the US is such a heavyweight economy. The US sets the pace for other global issues by economic and political pressure, by its omnipresent media, and by example.

JESUS CHRIST ARISE IN US. An estimated 48 million evangelical Christians in the US did not vote in 2012. Our vote is one of the valuable talents the Lord gave us. To bury 48 million talents in a nation governed by the people is give this nation over to anti-Christian forces. Let’s watch over the following issues and how the political candidates stand and act on them. They form the acronym JESUS CHRIST ARISE in this updated version of our US election issue of the Belize Journal. Let Christ arise in us so His light may shine, and His answers be made manifest to and through the national leaders to be elected by the November 8 vote!

Judicial tyranny. Judges are tyrants when they topple our government of checks and balances by striking down laws made by voters & elected legislatures, and overruling our Executive branch. The next President may choose up to four Supreme Court judges who will be making decisions for this generation as well as coming generations. Let’s pray that God “will restore your judges as at the first” (Isa. 1:26).

Economic crisis. Our near $20 trillion debt is just the tip of a mountain that must be moved in order to free the next generation from bondage to our obligations. For “the borrower becomes the lender’s slave” (Prov. 22:7). Pray that God will reveal new resources and entrust them to good and faithful stewards, and that they will unfold His plans to prosper us and not to harm us (Jer. 29:11).

Shattered families. Divorce leads to further confusion over roles of husbands & wives and fathers & mothers. This opens the door to same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by homosexual couples, denying children their basic need for a mommy and daddy. Pray that our Father restore and raise up family trees that grow rooted and established in His love (Eph.3:14-21).

Unborn holocaust. 58+ million children could now be alive and revitalizing the economy and social security of this nation. Instead, we have an aging population with deep social insecurity and the blood of children on our hands. Pray that Christ’s blood cleanses us, that doors to legalized abortion be closed, that doors to adoption by natural families be opened, and that “the hearts of the fathers be turned to their children…lest I come and smite the land with a curse” (Mal. 4:6).

Socialism. The more power we give to the State, the less our freedoms. Yet this is what the omnibus health care law does. Why would the USA and Western Europe want to follow the same socialist road that led the USSR and Eastern Europe to a dead end? Pray that God will empower us to “raise up the age-old foundations” (Isa. 58:12) of the Bible and our Constitution.

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DailyInsight. The state needs the church to change evildoers, and the church needs the state to restrain evildoers who refuse to change (see Rom. 12-13).

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Key issues to be decided by November 8 vote.


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