Holding Trump accountable to his promises

holding trump accountable

US President-elect Donald Trump (photo by Gage Skidmore)

PRAYER ALERT on holding Trump accountable. On November 8 a record turnout of evangelicals helped boost Donald Trump to a surprising victory in the November 8 US presidential elections. This despite the fact that 4 in 10 evangelicals admitted they were “reluctant to vote for either Trump or Clinton” just before the election. Prayer likely made a big difference in their final choice. For Trump spoke for the more evangelical side of most issues, such as abortion, traditional family values, freedom of religious expression, and support of Israel.

Now they will be holding Trump accountable to his stances. Their reluctance to vote for him arose from his shifting positions, contradictory words and infamous past behavior in the past. We must pray that now God will override Trump’s oft-erratic ways. That God will set the course for His good will to be done at this pivotal time in the US. Trump has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to get things done under budget and far ahead of deadlines with small but amazingly efficient teams. Though he’s made plenty of adversaries, his knack for deal-making is already winning many of them over.

With a majority in both legislative houses, a Supreme Court with new Trump-appointed justices and—most of all—God’s guidance, his administration could bring a turnaround to the USA’s long social, moral, financial and military decline. What happens now in the transition and his first days in power will set the direction for the rest of his term. We must pray his administration will take the initiative to move quickly on these urgent tasks:

  • Appoint God’s choice for the thousands of key administration posts to be filled.
  • Choose and confirm a constitution-abiding, pro-life and pro-family judge.
  • Defund Planned Parenthood and so start removing the bloodguilt of 58+ million innocents from the US.
  • Reverse Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, such as imposing transgender bathrooms on schools.
  • Ban administration officials and Congressmen from lobbying the government for five years after they leave office.
  • Remove operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood—known as the grand-daddy of global terrorism groups—from the many positions they have gained in the federal government.
  • Investigate jihad-promoting mosques and prosecute the guilty for treason.
  • Establish safe zones for refugees in Iraq and Syria and dramatically escalate airstrikes on their ISIS persecutors.
  • Secure US borders and pause the importing of Muslim refugees until their identity, background and purpose are established.
  • Cancel the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions.
  • Secure government emails and communications from domestic and foreign hackers.
  • Replace the pro-LGBT US ambassador to Belize with a passionate advocate for biblical marriage and family.

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