US election global impact may last decades

US election global impact

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PRAYER ALERT on US election global impact. On Tuesday the US will elect its next president. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become the most powerful political leader in the world. The US election global impact is such that the president’s decisions will reverberate globally for decades and possibly generations to come.

Trump or Clinton will choose the next 2-5 Supreme Court judges. Those judges will determine the future success of the LGBT and abortion agendas. Trump will choose from his list of 21 pro-family, pro-life judges. Clinton plans to choose pro-LGBT, pro-abortion judges—not only for the Supreme Court but for hundreds of lower courts. These judges may retain their positions for decades, and their decisions are designed to last for generations.

Their decisions serve as precedents for other nations. In Belize in 2011, then-Secretary Clinton’s State Department staged a web chat at the US Embassy in Belize. The invitation quoted Clinton’s “goal to eliminate… discrimination based on sexual orientation” in every nation where the US had an embassy. “Sexual orientation” had become the new misnomer for all types of sexual perversion. Many activist liberal judges in the US were changing laws against sex discrimination into laws against “sexual orientation” discrimination. This in effect criminalized biblical acts of conscience. Anyone who refused to photograph a gay wedding or to bake a gay wedding cake could pay a heavy fine or go to prison.

Now the Chief Justice of Belize has officially interpreted “sex” in our Constitution as meaning “sexual orientation”. LGBT rights attorney Lisa Shoman gloated that his ruling “blew the windows open” for the transgender special-rights agenda. That same notorious agenda has already gained much ground in the US.

US election global impact

US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno.

Echoing Clinton’s policy, in 2013 President Obama named as US Ambassador to Belize the gay former California Supreme Court Justice, Carlos Moreno. Moreno voted to strike down his state’s laws on opposite-sex marriages only, in a 4-3 ruling. That court became the first state high court in the US to make “sexual orientation” a protected class. On June 23, 2016 Ambassador Moreno had the gall to fly the LGBT flag over the US Embassy in Belize. We can assume a Clinton Administration would keep on defying and trying to change Belize’s mores and laws.

Now that sodomy is legal, we can also assume a Clinton Administration would release a flood of LGBT propaganda into schools globally. While Clinton was Secretary of State, the US Peace Corps pushed its pro-LGBT HFLE manual on hundreds of Belizean schools. Thank God the churches successfully campaigned to force it out again. But our schools, and schools around the world, remain vulnerable to the moral relativism and anti-God humanism which now dominates US education. Clinton’s administration and judges would promote the anti-God agenda even more.

Just as she is promoting the anti-life agenda and the killing of babies even as they are born…

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DailyInsight. The church brings the evildoer to the Lord; the state brings the evildoer to the law (See Rom. 12-13).

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We can fully expect the US election global impact.

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