UN LGBT czar forces vote on extreme agenda

UN LGBT czar

UN General Assembly in session (photo by Yuryi Abramochkin).

PRAYER ALERT. UN LGBT czar Vitit Muntarbhorn has dared the General Assembly of the UN to either accept his extreme agenda or to suspend him. His agenda for his 3-year term can be summed up in 5 points.

  1. Decriminalizing sodomy.
  2. Blocking mental health professionals from caring for homosexuality as a disorder.
  3. Making legal documents reflect a person’s choice of gender identity.
  4. Forcing social acceptance, even in religious bodies, of homosexuality.
  5. Using propaganda to indoctrinate children and society at all levels.

Such an attack on religious and social freedoms faces rising opposition. The 194-member General Assembly expects to vote on his mandate and even the position of the UN LGBT czar by the end of this week. A No vote would slow down five years of UN propaganda for legal recognition of homosexual practices, transgender rights, and special protections in employment and criminal proceedings. We must pray that the nations arise to stop this insane effort to pervert religion, family, and men and women as God created them.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we exalt You as Maker of man, woman, family and society. You called this plan very good. Your enemies now call it very evil. They purpose to remake man, woman, family and society in their own perverted image. Arise, Lord, and let Your enemies scatter. Alert the nations of the earth to this attack against their sovereignty. Dethrone the UN LGBT czar. Expose the entire LGBT agenda as a conspiracy to destroy all that we hold dear. Turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of leaders to their people. Move them to repudiate the LGBT agenda once and for all. Release massive waves of healing for those who have been deceived into lives of “gay” misery. And return us to a right mind and a right heart to protect future generations from such ruinous ways. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight. The more freedom we give to LGBT activists, the more freedom they want to take away from us (See Gen. 19:4-9).

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