2017 Prophetic Roundtable: prayer becomes real

2017 Prophetic Roundtable

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PRAYER ALERT on 2017 Prophetic Roundtable. The 2017 Prophetic Roundtable calls 2017 a breakthrough year in which long-persisting prayers will finally see answers. The late missiologist C. Peter Wagner started this Roundtable of well-known prophetic voices, called the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders in 1999. ACPE has released prophetic words every year since then.

The 2017 Prophetic Roundtable has spoken boldly of many divine shakings that will release grace for great advances for God’s kingdom this year. But the effects of these shakings depend much on prayer. We must fill in the resulting gaps with intercession and action. We must not let the devil get any foothold where he might bring in worse spirits than before. Below is a prayer guide for 2017. Let’s keep praying that God’s people will make the most of the amazing grace that He will pour out on the following Prophetic Roundtable words for this year.


Deep repentance will “break long-standing strongholds” throughout the world.

God will shake old personal, national and global alliances.

New relationships will form to meet new challenges for this year.

Many who cling to old, unproductive ways will fall from their positions in God’s kingdom.

Many who cling to corrupt ways will be exposed.


Mantles will pass to those who are “fresh and ready for each new move of God.”

Churches will begin uniting with “new breath and life coming into the army of God.”

Spiritual warriors will gain new power in interceding for the governments of nations.

The more we pray, the more oppressive systems will fall, and the more divine order will rise.

We must pray for and cooperate with this divine order, or else the enemy will intervene.


As we do all this with love, a new “Love Revolution” will spread.

This Love Revolution will reverse much damage from the “free love sexual revolution” of 1967.

A “new John 17 movement” will start in 2017.

Many streams of the Spirit will run together until a river of revival flows over the earth.

Anointed peacemakers will bring together divided families, people groups, nations & denominations.

We must make the most of God’s grace for massive healing of racial divisions.

A convergence of past moves of God will release power to transform every sphere of society.

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