Cyberattack danger is imminent, says DOE

cyberattack dangerNEWS UPDATE on cyberattack danger. The Department of Energy warned that the US electrical grid “faces imminent danger” from cyberattacks. It could happen if people open a phishing email containing a malware-rigged attachment. The cyberattack danger could cause a widespread power outage that could cripple critical defense infrastructure and paralyze much of the economy. Stores, gas stations and airports could shut down. Millions of citizens could find themselves without food, light or heat in the winter cold. Or gas to travel to warmer climes.

We all should prepare for such a cyberattack danger or for any disaster that may strike. Stockpile food, medications, lanterns, gas, and warm clothes. Consider investing in a kerosene heater or wood stove. Store water and install a water filter system. Be ready to defend yourselves with pepper spray and family-defense items. Record emergency contact numbers, maps and essential information on flash drives and hard copies kept in waterproof containers.

When you leave home, carry prepaid phone cards (in case cellphone service is out) and plenty of small bills in a pouch hidden under your clothing. Be ready to travel on short notice with grab-and-go backpacks. Pack them with the following:

Water: 3-day supply if possible, plus water filter, boiling device, purification tablets and/or clorox.

Food: 3-day supply, portable stove & fuel, can opener, utensils, accessories & waterproof matches.

Medications: 1-2 month supply.

Waterproof flashlight, extra batteries, whistle, 1st aid kit, bandage scissors, smoke hood, good shoes.

Hammer-axe multi-tool or small tool kit, mini-pry bar or small crowbar, 30 ft. 550 lb. test rope/cord.

Portable battery-operated radio/TV with extra batteries.

Insect repellent and mosquito netting, lightweight space blanket.

Small ABC fire extinguisher.

More cash in small bills.

Extra set of car and house keys.

Extra eyeglasses, hearing aid batteries, sanitary supplies, items for infants.


Extra clothing, needle & thread,work gloves, rain gear, flame-resistant poncho, eye goggles.

Tube tent, sleeping bag or blanket, trash bags, foldable shovel.

Compass, battery-operated signal flare, plastic sheets, duct tape.

For more, see When All Plans Fail W0RKBOOK: Be Ready for Disasters, by Paul Williams.

Most of all, we will need God. Unable to do our usual things, we will have plenty of time to pray. The more we pray, the more God will do for us!

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DailyInsight. Every plot twist in the narrow way is God’s shortcut past danger into grace (See Mt. 7:13-14).

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Let’s be prepared in case cyberattack danger strikes.


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