New Reformation prophesied for 2017

New Reformation

Martin Luther started the Reformation in Europe in 1517 (image from Pixabay).

PRAYER ALERT on New Reformation prophesied for 2017. On the 500th anniversary of the Reformation that changed Europe, the annual ACPE Prophetic Roundtable has prophesied a new Reformation. They say it will reach every sphere or mountain of influence with a Fourth Wave of the Spirit. Our Prayer Guide continues with the vast implications of this new Reformation.


Willing churches will receive and overflow with grace for miracles, signs and wonders.

Many families will break out of strongholds like “poverty, disease, alcoholism and drug abuse.”

Bold evangelism will shake secularized colleges and convert many enemies of the gospel.

Schools of God’s unchanging Word will also become schools of God’s ever-moving Spirit.

A new breed of innovative entrepreneurs will bring in “the era of YouTube millionaires.”

Many inner cities will experience dramatic revival, rebuilding, and new investments.

This “4th Wave of the Spirit” will reach high-profile leaders in the media, politics & education.

Their bold presence on social media will cause a huge stir in the news services.”


A “social media revolt” will cause some mass media outlets to go under.

New, anointed news anchors” will give voice to the formerly unheard.

A “passionate generation of abandoned worshipers” will create songs that will disciple nations.

Their songs will influence nations in the way that the Beatles & Summer of Love did negatively.

Through praise and worship, they will overcome principalities and powers over entire regions.

They will prepare the way for “many, many new missionaries” and evangelists.

Formerly oppressed peoples will “forgive the terrible atrocities committed against them.”


In 2017, the Reformation’s 500th anniversary , youth movements will seek a new Reformation.

This will set the stage for the “greatest outpouring of the Spirit” that the world has ever known.

All continents and many nations will experience this new Reformation.

It will affect Catholics, Eastern and Western Orthodox churches, and Coptic Egyptians.


A “massive awakening” is coming to Egypt and the whole Middle East.

The sacrifice of martyrs by ISIS terrorists will result in many Sauls converted into Pauls.

Watch for shakings in Brazil, France, Iran, Inner Mongolia, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Nations will arise to demand the UN stop its support of the abortion and LGBT agendas.

Israel will become a flash point” and the issue of the Temple Mount will come to the fore.


The 2017 Prophetic Roundtable concludes with these words:

We see in part and know in part. We are the test all things and hold fast to that which is good. Some words have immediate fulfillment and impact. Other words have conditions that must be met in order for them to be fulfilled. But this is a Year of the Breakthrough! This is a historical time when another Great New Reformation shall take place!”

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DailyInsight. No place is too far gone for revival. Israel’s greatest revivals came after its greatest apostasies—and vice versa (See 2 Kings 18-23).

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Prepare the way for a new Reformation.



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