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watchmen committee

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BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1 on watchmen committee. With sodomy now legalized and the difficulty of appeal, we can expect the foreign gay lobby to push more pro-LGBT measures on Belize. So the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) has started a Watchmen Committee to guard family values. We will watch for LGBT incursions in all seven mountains or arenas of national influence. They include Family, Religion, Education, Economy, Government, Arts, and Media. The Watchmen Committee will build on relationships with people in the know on each of the seven mountains.

We have long needed an early warning system. The gay lobby has already tried to impose pro-LGBT curricula on our primary schools. In 2012 it took the form of a Peace Corps HFLE (Health & Family Life Education) Manual which actually advocated promiscuous sexual activity for preteens. It called anal sex with a condom “low-risk”. It encouraged kids to defy parental and community values in their quest for sexual experimentation. In September 2012 this manual was introduced into hundreds of Belizean schools. Then the churches caught wind of it and demanded that it be withdrawn. The government quickly complied.

But six months later, in March 2013, the government secretly approved of a new pro-LGBT gender policy. The public finally heard of it with great dismay three months later. The churches have been battling to remove its most repugnant parts—such as special rights for prostitutes and “men who have sex with men”—ever since.

Do we need to stay on the defense? Must we keep doing damage control after the fact? No! We need this Watchmen Committee to anticipate these incursions and nip them in the bud…

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DailyInsight. We must lose our naivete while keeping our innocence (see Rom. 16:19-20).

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Preventing LGBT incursions with Watchmen Committee.

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