Glory outpouring from Belize to Latin America

glory outpouringPRAYER ALERT for glory outpouringGod has given a truly awesome prophetic word for Belize to Jacob Biswell, a prophetic voice recognized by ElijahList. This word is circulating around Belize and getting many “yeses” in the Holy Spirit. It confirms what many prophetic people around the world are saying:

From “Belize is about to become ‘Believe’” by Jacob Biswell. As I sit in the back of a church in the nation of Belize I am overcome with the weight of destiny over this nation. There is coming a glory outpouring over this nation. It will shift the entirety of South and Central America.

During worship I was taken into an open vision regarding this nation. I share what I saw below. I believe the word of the Lord for Belize is this: the prophetic words and the sowing of the nations will have a divine convergence on her shores. God is busting open of the nation of Belize as many alight to her shores.

The Great Reef

In the vision, I saw the reef to the east of the nation. I saw the reef rise out of the ocean and into the air. I heard the Lord say, “I am about to place a wall of fire around this nation. The plan of the enemy is being contained and rooted out. Corruption is about to end. Poverty in the nation is about to end. I am surrounding the nation with my glory. I am protecting this nation with my glory.”

Then I saw giant waves begin to crash over the reef. This huge waves began to build far away. By the time they reached this great reef they were stories high. They were not waves of destruction. They were waves of his presence. I heard the Lord say, “I am sending waves of my presence over this nation. These waves will not end, they will be continual rhythms of glory outpouring over this nation. Belize will be known as a nation of my presence.

A Divine Melting Pot

I then saw the words written in the sky: “A Divine Melting Pot.” I heard the nations will alight to the shining light of Belize. Belize will be known as a melting pot of power for Central America. There will be a mixing of streams and movements in this nation that will birth a revival. It will impact Central and South America. There will be ministries who wouldn’t have even thought about this nation who all of a sudden will want to jump on board to take claim of the revival, but I heard the Lord say that this will be birthed out of what is already present in the nation. Many have been through the fire and have been melted into this nation and they will be the catalysts of this nation. 

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DailyInsight. Revival happens when we realize how good God is despite of how bad we are (see Acts 2:36-41).

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