Hidden royalty & riches to emerge in Belize

hidden royaltyPRAYER ALERT for hidden royalty. From “Belize is about to become ‘Believe’”  PT.2 by Jacob Biswell. I heard the Lord say, “From the beginning I created Belize as a royal nation. At its inception I placed a royal call on the nation. While it may seem covered up, I am about to rip the veil that has hidden royalty in Belize. Even now they will begin to discover hidden royalty in their nation. One of the signs will be discoveries of gemstones that have been hidden until now but will come to light in days to come. What has been hidden in darkness and witchcraft will now be flipped upside down. Anointing and righteousness will be the buzzwords of Belize.

A Millennial Revival that will Bust Corruption 

I then saw an army of millennials taking to the streets of Belize. They came to break down any form of corruption taking place. I heard the Lord say, “Watch the young people. Watch the young people. There will come out of the midst of them key leaders around the ages of 23-27. These will be the leaders of this nation in the days to come. They will come with a holy roar to dispel corruption not only governmentally but in religious structures as well. It will leave me astounded at the power that they walk in. The previous generations won’t be able to stop what is about to roll through this nation, rather they will finance it. They will come with their money and they will come with their wisdom not to control but to fund and to steward. Watch and see!”

As I was exiting the vision, I heard the Lord say,

“Belize, Belize how I have longed to bring you into the fullness of your destiny. The time is right. The time is now! It’s time to break out! It’s time to shine. It’s time to Believe!

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are an awesome God. The whole earth is filled with Your glory. We thank You for Your awesome plans for this little nation of Belize. You will answer the many prayers that we have been lifting up to You for years. You will do much more. We agree that You will glorify Yourself here in a way that will overflow into Central and South America. Wave after wave will uproot much corruption, release power and righteousness and royalty, and reveal hidden riches. Bring nations here to witness Your great move and take it around the world.

Help us prepare the way for Your manifest presence here. Move now on the forerunners of this move to recognize and work with one another. Move on every member of the body of Christ to join in. Breathe on the Festival of Hope and every other evangelistic outreach with Your mighty power. Arouse the millenials to their call and destiny. Show the older generations how to support and sustain the new works You will bring. And do much more than we can pray for or imagine, for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. Revival happens when we realize how good God is despite of how bad we are (see Acts 2:36-41).

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