Revival prep for God to have His way in Belize

revival prep

Many streams of the Spirit will converge in the coming move of God (Image by Pixabay).

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1 on revival prep. More and more of the Body of Christ expects revival soon. Words of a global move of God are circulating with increasing speed. One major wave of the Holy Spirit, according to well-known prophetic voice Jacob Biswell, will start in Belize and sweep over Latin America. But God won’t do it by Himself. He gives us these words and expectations in advance so that we will cooperate and not resist His move. The more we prepare His way, the further His move will go and the longer it will last.

What does revival prep look like? It begins with prayer and makes progress with prayer. Pray over these prophetic words for Belize. Here’s what many believe God will do:

  • Surround Belize with divine protection.
  • Expose corruption, witchcraft and religious strongholds, and provoke repentance.
  • Send wave after wave of cleansing, anointing and righteousness.
  • Reveal hidden royalty and riches.
  • Raise up a holy army of young millenials to do new works with great power.
  • Inspire elders to support the youth with what they have gained from past revivals.

Revivals of past decades have restored lost gifts of the Spirit to the Body of Christ:

  • 1940s and 50s—Healing revival.
  • 1960s—Charismatic renewal and spiritual gifts.
  • 1970s—Discipleship movement.
  • 1980s—Prophetic movement.
  • 1990s—Spiritual warfare.
  • 2000s—Apostleship and the five-fold ministry.

Revival prep means to “stir up the gift of God which is in you” (2 Tim. 1:6). Jacob Biswell prophesied that many of God’s moves in past revivals will converge in the present move. So use the gifts that God has given you in the past, which you may now be neglecting to use. For His gifts are irrevocable. But don’t expect the new move to look like the old moves. Jesus Himself looked so different after His resurrection that the disciples did not recognize Him at first (Luke 24:15-16,36-37). Every move of God is “a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Cor. 5:17). Let God renew your mind so you can engage in His new creative works.

Abandon old pursuits that are no longer productive. Let the Holy Spirit prune you. Then you can grow in new ways in a new season. You can grow into new relationships & roles. Changing positions is another sign of revival prep. God may be promoting you! So find your new place in the Body of Christ. Learn to work in new ways with the members He connects you to

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DailyInsight: We will experience revival to the extent that we make time and room in our hearts for Him (see Acts 2:42-47).

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