65 Venezuelan military members sent to court

65 Venezuelan military members

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (photo: Government of Venezuela).

PRAYER ALERT on 65 Venezuelan military members. President Nicholas Maduro’s government has placed at least 65 Venezuelan military members on detention. It has already charged some with instigating rebellion and betraying the motherland. It is holding others for upcoming court hearings. The Maduro government refused to comment further. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles said that the military is divided and “profoundly unhappy with the government.” Others doubt that a faction of the military would go so far initiate a coup. But it might not stop a crowd from storming the president’s palace.

In fact, on May 8, retired high-ranking Venezuelan military officers in Florida exhorted their countrymen to keep up the street demonstrations which began in early April. They urged the military not to resist them. Protesters are also calling on the national guard to stop its oppression. Too impoverished to buy arms, the protesters use every scrap of material available to make shields against rubber bullets. They wear swim goggles and plastic soda bottles as masks to ward off tear gas. Some even pack human feces into jars to hurl at guardsmen. But the superior force of the guardsmen—with their armored trucks, bulletproof vests, plastic shields, showers of tear gas and volleys of rubber bullets—has so far prevailed. At least 37 civilians and two police officers have died in the clashes.

(See 65 Venezuela military members detained for expressing discontent, lawyer says).

But the numbers of protesters keeps growing. On May 13 thousands of senior citizens joined the demonstrations with a “March of the Grandparents.” They called President Maduro a dictator. They blame Maduro for the collapse which has sent hyperinflation skyrocketing toward 19,000 percent on some items

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DailyInsight. Every crisis is a vaccuum for either violence or peace to invade (see Ps. 46:9-10).

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Government refuses to comment on 65 Venezuelan military members.


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