Palestinian peace rhetoric belied by actions

Palestinian peace rhetoric

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

PRAYER ALERT on Palestinian peace rhetoric. Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas spoke conciliatory words about Israel during his May 3 visit to the White House. “We are endeavoring to bring about security, freedom and peace for our children to live like the other children in the world.” In a way typical of Palestinian peace rhetoric, he added, “They should live along with the Israeli children in peace, freedom and security.”

Until now Palestinian leaders have deprived Israelis of the peace, freedom and security they so highly commend. On his Facebook page, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu countered with a video montage of Palestinian calls for violence against Jews. It showed Abbas himself joining the hostile chorus. Palestinian schools indoctrinate children to hate and attack Jews. According to Palestinian peace rhetoric, they want only a second, Palestinian state beside the state of Israel. But according to Palestinian indoctrination, “Palestine [their name for the land of Israel] is an Arab land from the river to the sea.”

Palestinian militants have long been attacking Israel through the air with rocket attacks, and through terror tunnels expediting weapons transport. They have diverted humanitarian funds gained from naive Western supporters, and used them to wage jihad. But they have never defeated Israel, not after almost 70 years of conflict. Many now call on the Palestinians to face that reality and recognize Israel. This is something both Abbas’ party Fatah and its even more militant rival Hamas have long refused to do. But on May 2 Hamas for the first time publicized a policy statement indicating a willingness to accept the borders gained by Israel in the 1967 war, as long as a Palestinian state could operate within it.

Is this a concession that Trump can work with? Or is it just more Palestinian peace rhetoric? We must remember what happened the last time the US attempted to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Led by then-Secretary of State John Kerry, the talks collapsed. A year later, using official Palestinian media, Abbas incited 18 months of terror attacks. He said, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.” We must pray that God will break this vicious cycle of treachery. And that He Himself will establish the borders of the land He gave to Israel for an everlasting possession (Gen. 17:8; 48:4)).

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are God of all creation. Your Son Jesus is the desire of the nations. When the nations conspire against You and Your Anointed, saying, “Let us break their chains,” You laugh. You see that the nations have conspired against the nation of Israel. They have sought to divide Your land. They have called for the destruction of Your chosen people. But You have supernaturally protected them. For You gave them the Promised Land for an everlasting protection.

We ask now that You establish the borders of Israel. Affirm Jerusalem as its rightful capital. Open the way for President Trump’s plan to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. You have given him powerful gifts of negotiation. Use him as an instrument of Your good will toward Israel. Lead other nations to follow his example. For You promise that nations who bless Israel will also be blessed. But nations who curse Israel will be cursed. Therefore do not let the Palestinians get away with deception. Disable their rocket attacks. Block their terror tunnels. Bring them to acknowledge and enforce a just peace, and expose efforts to undermine it. Then bless them, and every nation who blesses Israel, so that they will know that You are Lord of all. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. Anger over one hurt can produce more hurt and anger in vicious cycles. True justice is patient and restores peace (See Isa. 53:5).

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