Gospel campaign followup needed in Belize

Man with healed back lifts evangelist Jack Myers.

BELIZE JOURNAL for gospel campaign followup. The Belize Festival of Hope’s long-awaited peak week, July 16-22, has finally come and gone. It featured separate evangelistic events for businessmen, pastors, women, children and youth throughout the week. It held crusades in Belmopan, Caye Caulker, Corozal, Orange Walk, Punta Gorda, San Ignacio, San Pedro and Stann Creek and San Pedro. Every hour or two at every event evangelists called people to receive Jesus as Lord. Many hundreds did. Counselors scrambled to reach each convert. They prayed with them and recorded their names and basic info on decision cards for prompt gospel campaign followup.

Many participants also received dramatic healing, both physical and emotional. At the youth event Friday night July 21st in Belize City, one local speaker went so far as to call forward those who had suffered from traumatic abuse. None dared respond. He pleaded with them to walk out of their shame. No one moved. He kept appealing with them to leave their pain for good. One came forward. Then two more. A few others followed. Finally, dozens came up to the front to the amazement of the crowd.

gospel campaign followup

The joy of salvation.

Such courageous steps of faith could not go unrewarded. The speaker assured them that they had now gained their freedom. I would have preferred that he had taken them all the way to the cross. There Jesus took all their pain and shame. There He offers them all His healing and righteousness. Now they can follow Him on other side of the cross to newness of life. With Him they can overcome all the devil’s schemes to drag them back into pain and shame. As God continues to move in Belize, we must get ready to bring many more abused and wounded people into the narrow but sure way to healing and victory with Christ.

gospel campaign followup.

Christafari in Belize City’s BTL Park.

Saturday, July 22nd, the climax of the campaign, featured a full day of evangelistic events at Belize City’s BTL Park. Dancers, musicians, actors, mimes, skateboarders and strongmen as well as preachers paraded across the stage. Local as well as international talent wowed the crowds. Papa San, Christafari, Evan Craft and of course Daniel King himself were the most famous names. Except for one. They all lifted up Jesus as the Name above all names. And countless people experienced Jesus like never before.

Now we’re calling for the churches of Belize to engage in full gospel campaign followup. Hundreds of decision cards have been distributed the the churches most local to the converts. Daniel King told us to treat those cards like gold. We want to see these converts built into the household of God on solid rock foundation. We must not lose them to the winds and waves of the world.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we thank You that Jesus has come to Belize in a new way. Thank You for the way the Festival of Hope brought His divided Body together. We rejoice with You and with the angels in heaven over the hundreds of new converts. Help us to keep reaching and discipling each one. Guide each into the part of the Body that You have appointed for their optimum growth and our mutual strengthening.

Keep leading us to lead more people to You. Show them that nothing is worth their devotion but Christ. There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. Draw wave after wave of converts to You. Help us turn the kingdoms of this world into the kingdom of the Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. The straight path is much harder to choose than the crooked path, but much simpler to follow (see Mt. 7:13-14).

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