Mobile gangsters bedevil Jamaica policing

mobile gangstersPRAYER ALERT on mobile gangsters. Early this month gangsters ran riot in an outbreak of violence that affected most of the inner-city neighborhoods of Kingston, Jamaica. Twelve died and 15+ sustained gunshot wounds. Some of the incidents stemmed from petty conflicts between gangsters who knew each other. But other incidents came from mobile gangsters. Mobile gangsters leave one gang and abet another gang in another community where no one else knows them. Then the mobile gangsters return to their home base, making them difficult to track.

Damian Hutchison, Executive Director of the Peace Management Initiative (PMI), traces this situation to the crackdown of 2010. At that time police went after gang leaders. They broke up their gangs. But the gangs only splintered and multiplied. Now Greater Kingston has a whopping total of 123 gangs. Jamaica has more than 200 nationwide. Mobile gangsters network across former gang boundaries. They “do their own thing their own way,” says Hutchinson. Police find mobile gangsters far more difficult to track down than if they stayed on one gang turf and followed one gang leader.

Gang leaders are now recruiting from schools to bolster their numbers. The gang leaders seek students with little parental oversight. They lure them with food and money. They provide them with a sense of identity and purpose with their particular gang “family”. Then they coerce the students into drug-running, gun-running, extortion and other criminal activities, in order to stay under the care and protection of the “family.”

But if these students break away, they too may become mobile gangsters. Many who grow up in crime-ridden communities know no other life. This scenario has become increasingly common in many Caribbean and Latin American cities. Clearly, we need a massive move of God to deliver them from the evils of gang domination.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we thank You for so loving us that You become our Father through Jesus Christ. These prodigal sons in Jamaica and so many other Caribbean and Latin American countries need You as Father too. Without You they learn the devil’s work to steal, kill and destroy. With You they can join the family of God and find abundant life.

Deliver them from gang leaders and the gang life. Turn the hearts of true fathers to these children, and turn the hearts of these children to true fathers. Expose and clear out the corruption and political compromise that has allowed the wicked to prosper. Where sin and crime have abounded, let Your grace much more abound. Lead these young people in paths of righteousness to build strong families and safe communities.

DailyInsight. We take our identity from our past. God gives us identity from our future (see Judges 6:12-16).

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Need new strategy with mobile gangsters.


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