Justice delayed years by Belize Chief Justice

justice delayed years

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PRAYER ALERT on justice delayed years. The Belize Bar Association charged Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin with “misbehavior in office” for many cases of justice delayed years by him. Aggrieved parties were waiting 2-5 years for 28 judgments that Benjamin still had not delivered. Benjamin has sent to the Bar a schedule for the completion of those judgments by December 2017. The Bar called for his immediate resignation if he fails to deliver all of them before the end of this year.

The Bar warned that such prolonged delays deny justice to the aggrieved parties. They also undermine public confidence in the courts. In one notorious case, the lawsuit to legalize sodomy went to court in May 2013. Foreign lawyers argued for the lawsuit according to foreign precedent. Belizean lawyers argued convincingly against the lawsuit according to the Belize Constitution.

justice delayed years

Belize Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.

And so we expected the lawsuit to lose. Benjamin promised to decide the case by July 2013. July came and went without a decision. We prayerfully waited month after month. We prayerfully waited year after year. Finally the shocking verdict came more than three years later, on August 10, 2016. He not only legalized sodomy in a nation where the vast majority considers it abhorrent, as does the Bible. He normalized sodomy by redefining the Constitutional term “sex” to mean “sexual orientation”. More than a year later, we are still seeking ways to reduce the wide-ranging harmful effects of this misguided decision by one man for a third of a million people.

The still-undecided cases include:

  • The 2016 land fraud case involving then Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, currently Area Representative of Orange Walk North.
  • The 2014 kidnapping and murder by bludgeoning of Ramon Cervantes, former senator and community leader of the opposition party.
  • The 2012 $59 million lawsuit brought by opposition party personality Bill Lindo’s Western Development Ltd. against the Attorney General for unpaid government contract work. Last week Benjamin ruled the contract void. Lindo asks, why did it take five years for such a simple decision?

Benjamin is not the only procrastinating judge. Belizeans lament the paralysis of the entire justice system, which prosecutes only 10 percent of Belize’s murders, and lets so many others get away with crime. What is the solution? Benjamin’s own case may offer a clue.

Mindful of his December 2017 deadline, Benjamin suddenly decided four of the long-delayed 28 cases just last week. Does it take the threat of removal to motivate judges to do their jobs? God must have better ways.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we exalt You as the Creator. We exalt You as the righteous Judge of all You have created. When we as Your creations went our own way, You showed us the Way back to You. Still, many persisted in corrupting their own ways. They have fallen to the point of committing sodomy. “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they… approve of those who practice them” (Rom. 1:32). This Chief Justice has called such evil good, despite three years of Your grace released by our prayers.

Now we find that He has had justice delayed years in dozens of cases. Many other judges are also letting people get away with crime and murder. The blood of the slain cry out from the ground. Like the persistent widow, we too keep crying out to You. You promise that when we cry out day and night, we will get justice, and quickly. Thank You that now the Chief Justice is doing justice quickly.

Let Your justice also flow quickly through the entire court system like a mighty stream. Warn those who are in the wrong to get right with You and with their victims. Offer them more grace before they face judgment. Let them be like the Chief Justice, who has one more chance to do right before He is removed. Show that You will not let anyone get away with evil, but that You offer everyone the Way to right standing with You. Show them that the Way is Your Son Jesus. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. God shows love in His justice, and justice in His love. The cross, destined before Creation, made that possible (see Rom. 3:19-26).

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Keep praying despite justice delayed years.


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