Decriminalization leads to drug cartel control


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PRAYER ALERT on decriminalization. The less you penalize marijuana use, the more people will try and keep using marijuana. Stats show that 50% of the youth who try it won’t stop. And the more people who use marijuana, the more marijuana you will need. Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that the decriminalization of 10 grams of marijuana is just the “first step,” implying further decriminalization and ultimately legalization. So, as Belize moves in this direction, we must ask the big decriminalization questions.

Who will grow it—the government or private businesses—and who will sell it? If the government grows and/or sells marijuana, the government will promote it. Ministers will personally profit off a rising addiction crisis. If private business grows and/or sells it, it will become big business. And who can beat the drug cartels at the drug business? The government will still tend to promote it, because the government profits off the tax revenue. Also, money will likely pass under the table to government ministers from the favored drug dealers.

Currently the drug market in Belize consists mainly of small suppliers. Most of those small suppliers are addicts themselves. If government or big business takes away their small business, small suppliers will retaliate by robbing authorized drug sellers. Crime will increase. Authorized drug sellers will need more security. Again, that gives the advantage to highly-armed drug cartels.

Eventually small suppliers will buy drugs from big suppliers. Where will they find the biggest market for their drugs? Schools. Small suppliers will entice kids to start drugs early in life and become lifelong customers.

Big suppliers will fight against that competition. They will use money and power to terrorize, buy out and eliminate the small suppliers, and to legalize selling drugs to youth. Who has the most money and power to do that? Again, the answer is drug cartels.

Decriminalization and the process of legalization will make dealing drugs bigger and bigger business. It will eventually lead to domination by drug cartels. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, because the poor will use more drugs. Addiction will increasingly ruin lives and families. Drug cartels will increasingly corrupt the society and government. Decriminalization is the on-ramp to the broad way to national destruction. We must instead seek God’s narrow way to life for Belize.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You see that drug lords have taken over much territory in Central America. They have armies and drug money to take more territory. Belize is weak and poor before such adversaries. So we call on You to cause the weak to shame the strong. Cause the poor to shame the rich. Cause Your heavenly armies to guard us against the drug cartel armies. Let Your kingdom come, and Your will be done in Belize as it is in heaven.

You see that many government leaders now seem willing to compromise with and decriminalize the evil of drugs. Do not let them pursue this reckless and ruinous path. Turn their hearts like a watercourse. Turn their hearts to the children whose lives are too often corrupted and destroyed by the curse of drugs in the land. Open the ears of our leaders to hear what Your Spirit is saying to the churches. He is saying, “I have plans to prosper and not to harm Belize, to give you a hope and a future.” Lead us away from the enemy’s schemes and into Your good plans for Belize. Deliver us from our addictions to evil and and into a true dedication to You.

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Decriminalization opens the broad way to destruction.



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