S Asia floods threaten 16 million children

S Asia floods

Flood rescue by Indian Air Force (Photo by Indian Air Force).

PRAYER ALERT on S Asia floods. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. Nearly 16 million children are “in urgent need of life-saving support” as a result of the catastrophic flooding that has ravaged South Asia, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund. “Children have lost their homes, schools and even friends and loved ones,” UNICEF South Asia Director Jean Gough said in a statement. Gough said conditions could worsen as the torrential monsoon rains that have flooded the region continue.

UNICEF said the devastating floods have claimed nearly 1,300 lives. They have affected more than 45 million people since mid-August. Flooding has occurred for two months in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It submerged hundreds of villages and forced tens of thousands of people into relief camps.

The relief organization said more than 8 million people have been affected by the flooding in Bangladesh, including some 3 million children. Nearly 700,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Almost 2,300 schools sustained damage.

The S Asia floods affected about 1.7 million people in Nepal. Some 353,000 of them have been displaced from their homes. Nearly 2,000 schools have been damaged or demolished, impacting the education of almost 255,000 children.

Four states in India have suffered extensive damage, affecting over 31 million residents, including nearly 12.5 million children. An estimated 805,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. The education of almost one million students was disrupted after the floods damaged some 15,500 schools. (Source: VOAS News.) 


  1. That the Christian community worldwide will respond compassionately to the needs of the millions of suffering children and their families threatened by the S Asia floods. That it will mobilize support of the various disaster relief efforts, led by individuals, churches, and other organizations seeking to bring relief to affected regions.
  2. Pray also that these various humanitarian relief efforts will result in the revelation of God’s Redeeming love  through Jesus Christ. These people need His spiritual comfort and deep inner peace during this trial.  
  3. For the strengthening and the growth of the church across South Asia to respond through the message of the Gospel to those living in extreme poverty and are in dire need of food and shelter. They have been victims of other regional disasters.
  4. Pray also for the supply of God’s provision to meet the growing needs of the churches across South Asia at this time.   

DailyInsight. God makes some trials so difficult that you can overcome them only with Him (See John 16:33).

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