US becomes great again by blessing Israel

America becomes great again

Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay.

PRAY WITH US as US becomes great again. Father God, we have faith in Your promises. You promised Abraham that You would make Israel a great nation. And Israel was, is, and will be a great nation. You promised that You would bless those who bless Israel. The US has often stood alone in blessing Israel since 1948. And since 1948 You have made the US the most powerful nation on earth. But in the recent years that it has failed to bless Israel, the US has doubled its colossal debt and and lost much of its world influence.

Now the US wants to be great again. Its renewed blessing of Israel ensures that it will. Bless the US by turning it from its wicked ways. Send not only a great revival, but another Great Awakening. Restore the US to its Christian roots. Grow there a Christian culture and multiply its fruits. Guide the greatness of the US into Your great purposes for the world. And protect Israel, so that when its period of hardening ends, Israel will be saved and Jerusalem will be exalted among the nations.


DailyInsight. From God comes justice, from justice law, from law security, and from security freedom within God’s law (see James 1:25).

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The world will change as US becomes great again.

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