Hungry Venezuelans raid field, kill 300 cows

hungry Venezuelans

Venezuelan eating from garbage.

PRAYER ALERT on hungry Venezuelans. Facing skyrocketing prices for scarce food supplies, mobs of Venezuelans are hunting for whatever small sustenance they can find. For instance, in the western state of Merida, mobs recently attacked and plundered a state-run food collection center. They ransacked a supermarket. They stopped and raided a truck carrying corn.

Empty supermarket shelves.

Nationwide, the socialist government forced more than 200 supermarkets to slash their prices. The food quickly vanished. Very little was replenished. As a result, since Christmas, the “season of giving” has turning into a frenzy of taking whatever the famished mobs can find. Some raided a field and slaughtered about 300 cows grazing there, according to Merida opposition lawmaker Carlos Paparoni. Some have stooped to eating dog food, and even eating the dogs themselves.

Others have staged protests. They repeatedly called for President Nicholas Maduro to resign. In retaliation, Maduro has accused his critics of “hate crimes.” Two Roman Catholic bishops, Victor Hugo Basabe and Antonio Lopez Castillo, pleaded for government corruption to end. Maduro retaliated by initiating a Supreme Court investigation and high-level prosecution of them.

More and more people are fleeing from Venezuela to the neighboring islands of Curacoa, Aruba and Bonaire. On January 9 a boat crashed on the way to Curacao. Five died immediately. Maduro ordered a blockade of those island nations. Moreover, he blamed them for allowing smuggled goods and causing further food shortages in Venezuela. Clearly, both the people and the government are growing increasingly desperate as the nation descends into chaos. Only God can save them. He is willing if we pray.

PRAY WITH US that God will:

Provide for His church in both practical and miraculous ways during this crisis, as He did with Israel in the desert.

Make His church a source of provision and salvation to others.

Show all hungry Venezuelans His way to sustenance and prosperity.

Lead them to hunger and thirst for righteousness in their nation, and show how He can fill them.

Raise up new leadership who, by His authority and guidance, bring Venezuela into a new era of good governance.

Make Venezuela a testimony to His great grace.

DailyInsight. Hunger can be satisfied; covetousness cannot. Hunger and thirst for righteousness, and you will be filled (see Mt. 5:6).

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Food riots precipated by hungry Venezuelans.


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