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Sodomy lawsuit goes to Belize’s Supreme Court

PRAYER ALERT: The case to legalize sodomy goes before Belize Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on May 7. Sodomy has rarely been legalized anywhere in the past, except in places like Sodom, for many good reasons. The case against sodomy is overwhelming from any standpoint: health, safety, family, education, law, ethics, religion, society, or […] Continue reading →

Gosnell clinic trial helps halt all abortions in Delaware

PRAYER ALERT: Media exposure of the Gosnell clinic trial is provoking other abortion clinics to clean up or cover up their own atrocious practices. In Delaware the only two remaining abortion clinics have stopped operating. Planned Parenthood in Dover has temporarily suspended surgical abortions. Its affiliate in Wilmington has closed completely for cleaning and re-staffing. Three […] Continue reading →

Philadelphia abortion trial reveals atrocities

PRAYER ALERT: The Philadelphia abortion trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is only now getting some mass media attention. Six weeks of gruesome testimonies depict, among other atrocities, that: 1. 7 newborns’ spinal cords were cut with scissors. Babies were regularly aborted after Pennsylvania’s legal limit of 24 weeks Women suffered from heavy drug overdoses given […] Continue reading →

Boy Scouts consider gay-preference members

PRAYER ALERT: The Boy Scouts of America have been holding the line against persistent assaults from the gay lobby for many years. But at the Boy Scouts annual meeting on Tuesday, May 23, they are considering a compromise. They will hold a vote on a resolution to ban open homosexuals from membership, but admit as […] Continue reading →

Update: Healing conflicts at Guatemalan border

APRIL BELIZE JOURNAL: RECENT PRAYER & MULTI-CHURCH EVENTS.Thank God that experienced youth worker Traci DiPietro is helping with our Caye Caulker storefront ministry! This has freed me up to make the many prayer network connections that have kept me busy at these events in mainland Belize:     Feb. 15. The Strong Men’s Tour leaders’ session […] Continue reading →

Attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt

CHRISTIAN NEWS: SOURCE on Coptic Christians. By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK and KAREEM FAHIM. NY Times Published: April 7, 2013. CAIRO — Police officers firing tear gas joined with a rock-throwing crowd fighting a group of Christian mourners Sunday in a battle that escalated into an attack on Egypt’s main Coptic Christian Cathedral that lasted for […] Continue reading →

The Church’s response to the homosexual agenda, Pt 1

TEACHING: presented for the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches. Our response to the homosexual agenda can be summarized by the following points. FOLLIES AID LIES Former homosexuals have gotten free of unwanted sexual desires. One-way street—is what the rectum is. Don’t go against your body’s design. Loving someone does not include harming them. Laws are […] Continue reading →

9 Motivations to pray: God talks to you

TEACHING: God talks to you. Click here to take our quick Prayer Motivator Quiz PERSONAL REWARDS—Enjoying God’s many blessings (Psalm 103.1-8). To receive emotional, spiritual and physical benefits from agreeing in prayer and worship. PRAYER TARGETS—Casting urgent cares before Him (Luke 18:1-8). To see God move to save souls and cause major advances on specific […] Continue reading →

Same-sex marriage court cases reach SCOTUS

PRAYER ALERT: The attack on marriage, family and orphans has reached the Supreme Court of the United States. On March 26 the Court started hearing oral arguments on both the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8. These have become the most prominent same-sex marriage court cases in the land. DOMA was passed […] Continue reading →

Wisdom for US budget weight-loss program

NEWS UPDATE: The deadline to avoid the sequester has passed without an agreement between President Obama and Congress to avert it. Now $85 million worth of automatic spending cuts will start taking effect. The Obama administration has some discretion on the specifics of many of these spending cuts. It will be an rigorous exercise in […] Continue reading →

Belize border-cutters won't wait for vote

PRAYER ALERT: The most inflammable international issue in Belize—its disputed border with Guatemala—just got a match thrown into it. On March 2 third-party leader Wil Maheia took 200+ volunteers, including many former Belize Defense Force troops, to start marking off the border with machetes. They plan to clear a 3-foot-wide path and make rock-pile markers […] Continue reading →

Belize Border Cutting: PG’s Wil Maheia and territorial volunteers “on their own!”

CHRISTIAN NEWS: SOURCE. Amandala Headline — 26 February 2013 Belize government refuses protection to the nationalist group planning to cut border path between Belize and Guatemala – on the Belize side of the border! Wil Maheia told Amandala today that plans for the Belize Territorial Volunteers to execute the project, “Clearing Our Borderline,” at the […] Continue reading →

Deadline near for serious US spending cuts

NEWS UPDATE: In 2011 it was hard to find an economist who gave the US any chance of surviving a major economic collapse in 2012, unless it made drastic spending cuts. The one bipartisan plan that most economists agreed would succeed was the Simpson-Bowles plan, authored by Republican Alan Simpson (former senator from Wyoming) and […] Continue reading →

Chinese army unit hacks into US infrastructure

PRAYER ALERT: A large majority of computer hacker attacks on US corporations and government agencies originate from one white tower in Shanghai—the headquarters of Chinese Army Unit 61398, according to Mandiant, a US computer security firm. Since Mandiant began its investigation in 2006, it has documented 141 confirmed attacks while other security experts have estimated […] Continue reading →

One billion Catholics seek new pope

PRAYER ALERT: Pope Benedict XVI, now 85 years old, has announced that he will retire on February 28. There is already widespread speculation about who the next pope will be and what direction he will take. While the Catholic Church and evangelicals do have differences, there is much we can agree on and much we […] Continue reading →