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Two opposing parties back ICJ border mediation

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.2 on two opposing parties. On May 25 at the Radisson Hotel, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington made the case to church leaders for going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to resolve Belize’s border dispute. Ambassador to Guatemala Alexis Rosado also came. So did Ambassador of Trade Stuart Leslie of […] Continue reading →

Louis Wade charges cloud GOB border pitch

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1 on Louis Wade charges. On each of 3 days, May 24-26, a different group of church leaders heard the government’s case for going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). At the ICJ the government hopes to nullify Guatemala’s claim on half of Belize’s territory once and for all. Each of the […] Continue reading →

ISIS killed 38 ISIS members as spies

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS killed. Paranoia has gripped ISIS as a series of US airstrikes has killed top ISIS leaders in the past few months. In retaliation ISIS killed 38 of its own members suspected of revealing those leaders’ movements. Last month alone ISIS killed 25 “spies” by dropping them in a basin filled with […] Continue reading →

Panama Papers leak names Ashcroft in Belize

PRAYER ALERT for Panama Papers leak. Multi-billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft is among the high-profile world figures named in the Panama Papers leak made public on April 3. The Panama Papers leak includes 40 year’s worth of 11.5 million confidential documents about more that 214,000 companies listed by Panama’s law firm Mossack Fonseca. The documents reveal […] Continue reading →

Marijuana users show memory, driving defects

PRAYER ALERT on marijuana users. The Government of Belize is now preparing to decriminalize marijuana. It’s time to know and pray about the damages that marijuana users risk. Cannabis intake is proven to impair memory, learning and driving ability. It can cause psychological and physical ailments, including cancer. It can also harm children of marijuana users. […] Continue reading →

Decriminalizing marijuana- the hard questions

BC-HOP Prayer for Family & Economy: Decriminalizing marijuana The Belize Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) has recommended that we: —Remove the word “cannabis” from the Misuse of Drugs Act. —Remove the criminal penalty for use of paraphernalia in relation to the use of cannabis. —Limit use of marijuana to private residences. —Change the penalty for […] Continue reading →

Radical Islamic organizations in the US

PRAYER ALERT on radical Islamic organizations. If the US is to defeat Muslim terrorism, it must track the radical Islamic organizations which are already here. The largest is the Islamic Society of North America. ISNA was founded in 1980 by the Muslim Brotherhood. MB is the parent organization of Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and ISIS. […] Continue reading →

#MarchForIndia denies rising intolerance

PRAYER ALERT on #MarchForIndia. Today #MarchForIndia participants, protesting against an “anti intolerance campaign”, turned against journalists. In Rajpath, Mousmi Singh and her crew were pushed around by marchers. They were heckled even after others tried to fend off the hecklers. A police team finally intervened and ushered her to safety. Various journalists covering #MarchForIndia were […] Continue reading →

Voices speak what the Body in Belize is doing

BC-HOP Spiritual Life & Media Prayer. Two Christian publication voices are helping believers to track what God is doing in churches and ministries around the nation. One is a brand-new monthly newsletter, The Voice. Its first issue features the recent Vessels Revival Fire conference and the Men’s Rally in the Cayo District. It follows the […] Continue reading →

Open doors for all who keep knocking in 2015

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 1. Our Belize Prayer Network connects many intercessors and prayer groups throughout Belize and beyond. I keep in contact with them personally, mostly by phone. We share our prayer requests and praise reports. (See Seven Mountain Prayer Campaigns and Testimonies at our BPN website.) We share timely Revelations that God is showing […] Continue reading →