God’s Green New Deal vs Sanders-AOC Green New Deal

Gods green new dealPRAY WITH US about God’s Green New Deal: Father God, You created a glorious earth for us. You saw that all of it was good. But Adam and Eve sinned against You. We confess that we share in their guilt for this fallen world. Moreover, we have caused it to fall further. Now presidential candidates want to restore it without You. We confess that everything done without You amounts to nothing. In fact, past efforts at a godless utopia have resulted in mass starvation and suffering.

But with You, all things are possible. We ask that You would expose the vanity of costly plans to change the face of the earth through socialism and central planning. Instead, raise up the 2020 candidates for office who will best follow Your plans to prosper us and give us Your hope and Your future. But most of all, send revival into the hearts of the people. Do so that we may turn the nation, and nations, from our ways to Yours. In Jesus’ name, amen.

PRAYER ALERT: God’s Green New Deal vs Sanders-AOC Green New DealTonight’s Democratic debate should include Green New Deal questions. Only last week Bernie Sanders and AOC announced the first bill for a Green New Deal: to retrofit all US public housing with energy-efficient components. They ultimately want to upgrade ALL buildings, which think tanks estimate would cost $1.6+ trillion. Not to mention Sanders’ $16 trillion vision for replacing fossil-fuel energy with renewable energy.

Many features of the Green New Deal resemble what God plans for the Millennium. But God’s plan can only take place after Christ returns to destroy the Antichrist’s empire. At that time, He will send Satan into the abyss, and begin ruling the earth that He created for us. Then Christ will turn the lands laid waste by the Antichrist’s wars and plagues into paradise. But only after He has dealt with the sin that devastated the earth

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DailyInsight: “Satan gives an apple, but he looks to deprive us of a paradise” –Richard Sibbes (see Gen. 3:1-19).

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