ISIS infighting erupts as it claims more land

PRAYER ALERT: Thirteen top ISIS leaders attempted to overthrow ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in early June. This bout of ISIS infighting was led by commanders from a wide range of states and regions. Most were Arabs from northern Africa, Syria, Yemen, and Kuwait. But one Kurd and one Chechen were also implicated in the […] Continue reading →

ISIS executions total 3,017 in a single year

PRAYER ALERT: ISIS has outraged the world time and time again with beheadings and other diabolical and vicious styles of killings. What is all the more shocking is that ISIS executions have totaled 3017 since June 29, 2014. That is when ISIS exploded onto the world scene, announcing itself to be a caliphate under shariah […] Continue reading →

Gay pride crashes Belize independence party

Prayer for Family & Education: Caribbean Villas Resort in San Pedro is promoting a “Temptation Island” Gay Pride Week on Sept. 5-12. It plans nightly activities such as a drag show, a runway model show, a toga party, a leather and lace party, and a masquerade ball. These activities are obviously designed to stir up […] Continue reading →

Let God arise with His people on Caye Caulker

BPN REVELATION: Norma Hynes, leader of The United Prophetic Intercessory Team, Hattieville. Norma shared with me what God had put on her heart for Caye Caulker at this time. We agreed on the following: God is now highlighting Caye Caulker. We must seek His solutions to unrest following the brutal police murder of Hilbert Sotz here. […] Continue reading →

New police force seeks help in Caye Caulker

PRAYER ALERT: In response to the brutal police killing of Hilbert Sotz, 18, on June 8, Belize Police Department officials announced that an entirely new police force is being put in place in Caye Caulker. These officials met Thursday night with villagers who packed the community center to overflowing. Pastor Oscar Delgado of Shekinah Glory […] Continue reading →

Police relations in Caye Caulker on the mend

PRAYER ALERT: The day before her meeting with villagers, I spoke with the new Caye Caulker Police Inspector, Dehanne Augustine, in her office. Inspector Augustine shared that she was a Christian who felt called by God to work for good police relations in communities. After her success with such a program in San Ignacio, where […] Continue reading →

Charleston shooting mourners forgive killer

PRAYER ALERT: On the morning of June 18, florist Debbie Dills was driving to work near Shelby, North Carolina. She spotted a car with a Confederate flag and a South Carolina tag. Dills says that “because of divine intervention” she remembered at that moment the description of Dylann Roof’s car she had heard on TV. […] Continue reading →

Police brutality kills Caye Caulker teen

BELIZE JOURNAL: On June 8, according to a post-mortem exam, Hilbert Sotz, 18, died of trauma to the head and the heart. He sustained these injuries while in custody at the police station for suspected burglary. Hundreds of islanders rioted for hours after Hilbert was seen dead on arrival at the poly clinic. Some sought to lynch the […] Continue reading →

Police killings in US incite massive backlash

PRAYER ALERT: In the past year, news about police killings of four black males suspected of crimes—in Baltimore, Cleveland, Ferguson and New York City—have exposed some ugly realities. In each case the suspect defied police orders. But that is not a capital offense. Police must make instant decisions on how to force defiant and possibly […] Continue reading →

Dallas police shooting ends with gunman dead

PRAYER ALERT: Amid heavy criticism of law enforcement tactics, police stations around the US are on alert for citizen attacks against police. In the latest incident on June 13 a white man, James Boulware, 35, strode up to the Dallas police headquarters with an assault weapon. He sprayed more than 30 bullets into the lobby. […] Continue reading →

Turkey elections unseat ruling Islamic party

PRAYER ALERT: Sunday’s Turkey elections broke President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 13-year-long iron-fisted rule. Though he was not on the ballot, Erdogan’s pro-Islam Justice & Development Party (AKP) won only 41% of the vote and 258 seats in Turkey’s 550-seat parliament. The AKP needed to win 276 seats in the Turkey elections to stay in power. […] Continue reading →

Muslim Brotherhood support is now US policy

PRAYER ALERT: A Washington Times source has revealed a secret US policy of Muslim Brotherhood support. This policy is outlined in the Presidential Study Directive-11. It reportedly favors the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” alternative to ISIS and al Qaeda. And yet the Muslim Brotherhood has been identified as a parent organization to many terrorist […] Continue reading →

Decriminalizing weed leads to slippery slope

BPN REVELATIONS. Louis Wade, Director of PLUS-TV, on decriminalizing weed: If we look beyond the issue of decriminalizing weed in the local scenario, we can see that the issue is much greater than the possession of ten grams of weed. The devil is trying to liberalize a whole host of things around the world, whether drug use […] Continue reading →

Libyan migrants to Italy —a Trojan horse?

PRAYER ALERT: In one day alone, on May 29, more than 4200 Libyan migrants to Italy were rescued off Libya’s coast. German and Irish navy vessels helped Italian military craft in 22 separate rescue operations. They found 17 of the migrants dead. Last year Italy rescued about 170,000 migrants at sea. This year it expects […] Continue reading →

Rohingya Muslims stranded in Indian Ocean

PRAYER ALERT: On Friday May 29 Thailand hosted a meeting in Bangkok of representatives of 17 countries. All of them are affected in some way by increasing waves of migrating Rohingya Muslims. Until May, human traffickers had been extorting high fees for sea passage for thousands of Rohingya Muslims to mostly Muslim Malaysia. These Muslim […] Continue reading →

Global Day of Prayer 2015 Belize City extracts

Intro to Group Prayer: This Global Day of Prayer 2015 is one of the few times that the body of Christ in the Belize District gets together and there is so much to do. There are hurts and pains all around the body of Christ. As I’ve been calling pastors and intercessors I have never heard such hurt expressed before. And because […] Continue reading →

ISIS takes Ramadi and 60% of Anbar Province

PRAYER ALERT: On May 14 ISIS launched a blitz against Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar Province, after besieging it for weeks. ISIS captured the northern parts of the city and closed in on the periphery. Observers feared that if ISIS takes Ramadi, Iraqi troops would flee. That is what happened when ISIS took Mosul, […] Continue reading →

Shiite militias challenge ISIS for Ramadi

PRAYER ALERT: On May 17 Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq ordered Shiite militias to go into Sunni-dominated Anbar Province. Many Sunnis fear that these militias have come to fulfill Iran’s ambition of completely dominating Iraq. They consider Shiite militias as much their enemies as ISIS—which at least is a Sunni movement. Ramadi grocery-store owner […] Continue reading →