Blood moon tetrad ends September 28

PRAYER ALERT on blood moon tetrad. On September 28 the fourth of four total eclipses of the moon in 2014-2015—a blood moon tetrad —will occur. All four happen on biblical feast days—September 28 being the seventh day of the feast of Tabernacles. A total lunar eclipse has recently been called a “blood moon” because of […] Continue reading →

Sarstoon disputed by Guat Navy, not Church

BC-HOP Government & Spiritual Life Prayer. GOB has been reconsidering its plans to build a forward base for the Belize Defense Force on Sarstoon Island. But the Belize Territorial Volunteers are passionately calling for the base to be built. They believe it is needed to assert Belize’s ownership of the island and Sarstoon River. Guatemala […] Continue reading →

Antifraud Guatemala prez jailed for fraud

PRAYER ALERT: On Sept. 3 former antifraud campaigner Otto Perez Molina resigned as President of Guatemala. The next morning he was on trial in a Guatemala City courtroom. He was charged for “being part of a criminal organization, with the purpose of defrauding the state.” He was forced to listen to hours of recorded phone […] Continue reading →

Guatemala Navy bullies at border as vote nears

PRAYER ALERT: The Guatemala vote tomorrow for all national and local offices is all the more important due to the recent flare-up in its border conflict with Belize. Guatemala still officially claims to own Belize and includes Belize on its maps. Yet since 1981 the UN has recognized Belize’s independence from Great Britain. Belize celebrates […] Continue reading →

The Cross is where sins die and wounds heal

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 2. At YWAM Belize on August 20-23, Westwood Ministries Potter’s Institute taught leaders the difference between emotional wounds and sin. “A wound is ‘other inflicted’ while sin is ‘self-inflicted.’” A wound must be opened to be healed. A sin must be confessed to be forgiven. Healing and forgiveness are found at the […] Continue reading →

Gay pride event in Belize goes into reverse

PRAYER ALERT: The first publicized gay pride event in Belize is now becoming a non-event. We learned this from Pastor Everette Palacio at the August 17 San Pedro corporate prayer gathering in Manuel Heredia Park. Two of Everette’s sons work at Caribbean Villas Hotel, the site of the planned Sept. 5-12 gay pride event. They […] Continue reading →

Trump disinvited from RedState gathering

PRAYER ALERT: On August 8 Donald Trump was slated to be a keynote speaker at the RedState gathering in Atlanta. The other GOP presidential candidates were speaking at the event. But the night before, the event’s host Erick Erickson had Trump disinvited. Erickson cited Trump’s crude remark made on CNN about Fox News anchor Megyn […] Continue reading →

Trump -will he be blacked out of more venues?

PRAYER ALERT: Has Donald Trump already served his purpose in the campaign for the US Presidency? Some of his candor has been refreshing. He has highlighted hidden issues. He has clarified some murky issues—though oversimplifying others. Trump has articulated deep voter disaffection with hypocritical and ineffectual politicians. He has provoked more straight talk from the […] Continue reading →

Voices speak what the Body in Belize is doing

BC-HOP Spiritual Life & Media Prayer. Two Christian publication voices are helping believers to track what God is doing in churches and ministries around the nation. One is a brand-new monthly newsletter, The Voice. Its first issue features the recent Vessels Revival Fire conference and the Men’s Rally in the Cayo District. It follows the […] Continue reading →

LGBT Pride Week and Belize Prayer Summer

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1: On September 5-12 the Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro will hold the first publicized LGBT pride event ever in Belize. They call it “Temptation Island Pride Week.” Temptation Island was the name of the notorious American TV reality show also located in San Pedro. It divided up three couples and put […] Continue reading →

Evangelical statement to gay activists

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.2: In response to the Sept. 5-12 LGBT Pride Week to be held at a San Pedro resort, we are publishing the following Evangelical Association Statement to Gay Activists in Belize. Our intent is to speak the truth in love and win them to Christ: “We thank you for reading what we have […] Continue reading →

Turkey airstrikes hit ISIS in new phase of war

PRAYER ALERT: On July 24 Turkey airstrikes finally hit ISIS after months of reluctance to confront the steadily-advancing terror group. The Turkey airstrikes followed a series of provocations. On July 20 an ISIS suicide bombing killed 32 people in the Kurdish town of Suruc, Turkey. Those 32 people were about to deliver aid to the […] Continue reading →

Turkish jets strike back at Kurdish militants

PRAYER ALERT: On July 25 Turkish jets hit camps belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. It ended the peace deal with PKK that Turkey had observed since 2013. The Turkish jets were launched after four days of attacks by Kurdish militants killed two Turkish police and wounded seven. The Kurds were protesting Turkish […] Continue reading →

Repentance and forgiveness crucial to Body life

BC-HOP Spiritual Life Prayer: Yolanda Martinez, counselor and intercessor, shared what she has observed of the increase of conflict in the Church in Belize. The enemy is stirring up strife in the body of Christ. Infighting, quarrels, gossip and slander are turning Christians against one another. That is the world’s way of reacting to conflict. It […] Continue reading →