Anti conversion bill imperils India Christians

PRAYER ALERT on anti conversion bill. From Intercessory Prayer Ministry International. A Christian group is warning that Christians will see an increase in violence if a religious anti conversion bill passes through parliament in India. Release International is warning that a proposed anti conversion bill poses a threat to religious freedom. They say it will […] Continue reading →

Party spirit or Holy Spirit to win in Belize?

BC-HOP Prayer for Families & Government. Concerning the current party spirit. We need fathers to step into their God-given roles as heads of their families. To reject passivity and to accept responsibility. To find God’s ways for their families and to lead courageously. Fathers are needed in crises such as the summer-long famine and our recent […] Continue reading →

Evangelicals voting for 7 mountain influences

PRAYER ALERT on evangelicals voting. As individuals, evangelicals voting should choose those candidates in the national elections who line up best with our Christian convictions. Yet our churches should stay impartial and non-partisan. They should not endorse a party manifesto or candidate. They should not take responsibility for candidates who may not end up fulfilling […] Continue reading →

Jewish holy sites claimed for Islam by foes

PRAYER ALERT for Jewish holy sites by Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. As we prepare for our next scheduled Monthly Global Prayer Teleconference on Thursday November 5 and Friday, November 6, I [IPMI President Newton Gabiddon] felt led to share the following article on the evolving crisis in Israel. The article begins thus: “Operating on a parallel track to the wave […] Continue reading →

Floodwaters sweep through Belize City streets

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & Economy: Belize City floodwaters. Since this past weekend low pressure weather sitting on the Bay of Campeche have dumped clouds full of rainfall on central and northern Belize. Ten inches fell on Belize City within 36 hours. The two main highways into the city were swamped with floodwaters. Drains quickly […] Continue reading →

South Asia floods follow deadly heat wave

PRAYER ALERT for South Asia floods by Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. The coming of the monsoons in South Asia signals a relief from the deadly scorching heat wave that struck in May and June. However, the monsoon together with the cyclone “Komen” this year has brought widespread flooding and devastation. Countries most affected include India, […] Continue reading →

EU migrant plan struggles with Muslim influx

PRAYER ALERT for EU migrant plan. In Brussels yesterday, an EU migrant plan was approved by the union’s interior ministers. They aim to divide 120,000 refugees among their member nations. But Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania voted against the EU migrant plan. Slovakia’s prime minister went so far as to refuse to accept […] Continue reading →

Jimmy Morales says Belize is Guatemalan turf

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & media. Top Guatemalan presidential candidate Jimmy Morales said he wants to recover Belize for Guatemala. On September 13 he got more votes—25 percent—than any other candidate. On October 25 he will face off in the final vote with former First Lady Sandra Torres de Colom. Jimmy Morales wants to make […] Continue reading →

Blood moon tetrad ends September 28

PRAYER ALERT on blood moon tetrad. On September 28 the fourth of four total eclipses of the moon in 2014-2015—a blood moon tetrad —will occur. All four happen on biblical feast days—September 28 being the seventh day of the feast of Tabernacles. A total lunar eclipse has recently been called a “blood moon” because of […] Continue reading →

Sarstoon disputed by Guat Navy, not Church

BC-HOP Government & Spiritual Life Prayer. GOB has been reconsidering its plans to build a forward base for the Belize Defense Force on Sarstoon Island. But the Belize Territorial Volunteers are passionately calling for the base to be built. They believe it is needed to assert Belize’s ownership of the island and Sarstoon River. Guatemala […] Continue reading →

Antifraud Guatemala prez jailed for fraud

PRAYER ALERT: On Sept. 3 former antifraud campaigner Otto Perez Molina resigned as President of Guatemala. The next morning he was on trial in a Guatemala City courtroom. He was charged for “being part of a criminal organization, with the purpose of defrauding the state.” He was forced to listen to hours of recorded phone […] Continue reading →

Guatemala Navy bullies at border as vote nears

PRAYER ALERT: The Guatemala vote tomorrow for all national and local offices is all the more important due to the recent flare-up in its border conflict with Belize. Guatemala still officially claims to own Belize and includes Belize on its maps. Yet since 1981 the UN has recognized Belize’s independence from Great Britain. Belize celebrates […] Continue reading →