Sodomy verdict to be prayed for in all Belize

BC-HOP PRAYER for sodomy verdict. Belize Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin said he will deliver the sodomy verdict on July 27. Right here at Remar heads of six denominations and other national evangelical leaders, including Church Senator Ashley Rocke, met on July 5th. They agreed to call all Christians in the nation to pray that the […] Continue reading →

Sodomy lawsuit verdict set for July 27

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 1 on sodomy lawsuit. On June 17 Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin announced that he would deliver the sodomy lawsuit verdict on July 27, 2016. He made a similar announcement after the sodomy lawsuit case went on trial three years ago, on May 7-10, 2013. He declared that he would decide it by […] Continue reading →

LGBT claims that publicity is victory

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 2 on LGBT claims. On June 23, gay US Ambassador Carlos Moreno raised the LGBT flag over the US Embassy in Belize. There the UNIBAM sodomy lawsuit attorney Lisa Shoman claimed victory for the LGBT cause. How could she do so, having never said a word in the 2013 court case and […] Continue reading →

Brexit results —loss of trade or of life?

PRAYER ALERT on Brexit results. Recently British PM David Cameron warned that breaking away from the EU would not only lead to financial crisis. It would lead to WW3. But hasn’t a world war already begun? Jihadists in dozens of nations have declared war against the West. Thousands of them are entering EU and US […] Continue reading →

Brexit contest impacts migrants & economy

PRAYER ALERT on Brexit contest. On June 23 Britain will vote on “Brexit”—whether or not Britain will exit from the European Union. In this Brexit contest, voters face a stark choice about their borders. Does Britain continue to benefit economically from trading over open borders with the 27 other EU countries? Or does it close […] Continue reading →

WHO Zika alert to women: delay pregnancy

PRAYER ALERT for WHO Zika alert. The World Health Organization says the only sure way to avoid birth defects from the Zika virus is for infected women to consider delaying pregnancy. A woman may catch the Zika virus if she has unprotected sex with an infected man, or if she is bitten by a zika-carrying mosquito. […] Continue reading →

Olympics Zika risk broadcast to athletes

PRAYER ALERT about Olympics Zika risk. Last month 150 health experts wrote an open letter to WHO (the World Health Organization) calling for the Olympics in Brazil to be postponed or relocated. Brazil had more that 4000 cases of microcephaly—brain defects in newborns—last year due to the Zika virus. Brazil in fact is where the recent outbreak […] Continue reading →

Ramadan terror attacks hit Orlando & Israel

PRAYER ALERT on Ramadan terror attacks. The month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during daylight hours, began on June 6. On June 7 the Palestinian terror group Hamas’ military wing called Ramadan “the month of jihad.” On June 8 two Hamas gunmen disguised as ultra-orthodox Jews killed four people at a Tel Aviv market and […] Continue reading →

ISIS attacked in 3 key strongholds

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS attacked. Pray for the 50,000 civilians still trapped by ISIS in Fallujah during the the two-week battle for this Iraqi city. They lack food, medical supplies and clean water. With ISIS attacked by Iraqi troops on all sides, ISIS has shot and killed dozens of civilians trying to flee Fallujah. They […] Continue reading →

ISIS killed 38 ISIS members as spies

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS killed. Paranoia has gripped ISIS as a series of US airstrikes has killed top ISIS leaders in the past few months. In retaliation ISIS killed 38 of its own members suspected of revealing those leaders’ movements. Last month alone ISIS killed 25 “spies” by dropping them in a basin filled with […] Continue reading →

Normalizing prostitution cheapens sex & family

BC-HOP Prayer on normalizing prostitution. New arguments for legalizing and normalizing prostitution have hit Belize airwaves. On May 31 Elisa Castellanos and Isabel McMillan of Tikkum Olam promoted this on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes. They contend that normalizing prostitution would give women a new source of income without shame. It would lift prostitutes to the […] Continue reading →

Evangelicals meet at Belize-Guatemala border

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 1 on evangelicals meet. On May 28 history was made. The busy border crossing near Melchor, Guatemala witnessed teams of both Belizean and Guatemalan evangelicals meet for the first time. Recent border shootings March 26 and April 20 resulted in the death of one 13-year-old Guatemalan boy, and the wounding of his father […] Continue reading →

Border communion & prayer unite 2 peoples

BELIZE JOURNAL on border communion. At the Belize-Guatemala border near Melchor on May 28, leaders of evangelical associations from both nations joined in a time of fervent prayer. Then we lined up facing each other. Guatemalan leaders stood on the west side and Belizean leaders on the east. One-on-one, we laid hands on each other […] Continue reading →

7 days of prayer for peace with Guatemala

PRAYER ALERT for 7 days of prayer. On Saturday our National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) called for 7 days of prayer about the border conflict with Guatemala. On the seventh day, May 28th , we will meet near the border with the Peten Evangelical Ministers’ Association. The Peten Department of Guatemala forms our entire […] Continue reading →

Gender identity disorder now called normal

PRAYER ALERT on gender identity disorder. The official normalizing of sexual deviance was taken one step further when President Obama ordered all schools to open girls’ bathrooms to boys who claimed to feel like girls. The rationale is that the tiny percent (0.3) of transgender people in the population will feel more comfortable in the […] Continue reading →

Transgender policy forced on schools by Obama

PRAYER ALERT on transgender policy. A new transgender policy was imposed on the US on Friday the 13th. President Barack Obama ordered every school district in the nation to allow students to use bathrooms according to their “gender identity” instead of their biological sex. That means any boy who claims to feel like a girl […] Continue reading →

Israel military aid from US highest ever

PRAYER ALERT on Israel military aid. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. A White House official indicated on April 25 that the Obama administration was ready to offer new Israel military aid. It would be the largest military aid package offered to any country over the course of US history. It followed a push by a […] Continue reading →

ISIS foreign recruits drop 87+ percent

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS foreign recruits. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International.  The number of foreign recruits entering Iraq and Syria to join Islamic State fighters has plunged to a tiny fraction of those entering a year ago. This report’s source is US Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten, Deputy Commander for Operations and Intelligence for the U.S.-led […] Continue reading →

Guatemala border crisis —how to pray

PRAY WITH US about the Guatemala border crisis. Father God, You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You made the world and everything in it. You determined the times set for men and the exact places where they should live. You forbid moving the ancient boundary stones. Affirm the boundaries of Belize […] Continue reading →

Guatemala intruders targeted Belize sergeant

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 2 on Guatemala intruders. A recent preliminary report by the Organization of American States (OAS) indicates that Guatemala intruders deliberately ambushed Sergeant Richard Lambey on March 26, the day before Easter. These civilians apparently wanted to kill him. Sergeant Lambey was wounded in the hand and abdomen but survived. He had come […] Continue reading →