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ISIS attacked in 3 key strongholds

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS attacked. Pray for the 50,000 civilians still trapped by ISIS in Fallujah during the the two-week battle for this Iraqi city. They lack food, medical supplies and clean water. With ISIS attacked by Iraqi troops on all sides, ISIS has shot and killed dozens of civilians trying to flee Fallujah. They […] Continue reading →

ISIS killed 38 ISIS members as spies

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS killed. Paranoia has gripped ISIS as a series of US airstrikes has killed top ISIS leaders in the past few months. In retaliation ISIS killed 38 of its own members suspected of revealing those leaders’ movements. Last month alone ISIS killed 25 “spies” by dropping them in a basin filled with […] Continue reading →

Israel military aid from US highest ever

PRAYER ALERT on Israel military aid. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. A White House official indicated on April 25 that the Obama administration was ready to offer new Israel military aid. It would be the largest military aid package offered to any country over the course of US history. It followed a push by a […] Continue reading →

Saudi Arabia-Iran clash divides Muslim world

PRAYER ALERT on Saudi Arabia-Iran clash. On January 2 Saudi Arabia executed Shiite cleric Sheik Nimr al-Nimr with 46 others on terrorism charges. It was Saudi Arabia’s biggest mass execution in 36 years. Saudi Arabia is cracking down on dissidents in the midst of controversies over the drop in oil prices and succession issues in […] Continue reading →

ISIS defeated in Ramadi; fight for Mosul next

PRAYER ALERT for ISIS defeated. Today the Iraq military declared ISIS defeated in the city of Ramadi. Iraqi counterterrorism forces took control of the central government complex. They raised the Iraqi flag over its mostly ruined buildings. Most of Ramadi sustained heavy damage in the reconquest. ISIS left booby traps just about everywhere. It will […] Continue reading →

Iran sanctions to be lifted despite warnings

PRAYER ALERT on Iran sanctions. Tuesday, Dec. 15, the UN nuclear watchdog meets to remove the last obstacles to lifting the Iran sanctions. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is about to unfreeze about $150 billion in Iran’s oil revenues in banks around the world. Yet many troubling questions about lifting the Iran sanctions remain. […] Continue reading →

Extreme Muslims inspired by coming of Mahdi

PRAYER ALERT: Muslims differ over how and when their “Messiah”—the Mahdi—will rise to power. But most of them agree that his coming will be the first sign that the Last Day is near. And many extreme Muslims are motivated by the belief that jihadist warfare will precipitate the Mahdi’s long-awaited conquest of the world. That is […] Continue reading →

Erdogan and ISIS—enemies or allies?

PRAYER ALERT: It is hard to tell whether Turkish President Recep Erdogan and ISIS are allies or enemies. Under pressure from the US, in October Erdogan began letting Kurds cross the border to fight ISIS’ invasion of Kurdish Syria. But a month later, Kurdish activists said that Turkey was defying its agreement with the US, […] Continue reading →

Erdogan rises to godlike status in Turkey

PRAYER ALERT: Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s party, the AK (Justice and Development) Party, was formed in 2001. Since then it has won every general election in Turkey. The AK Party has fostered a worship cult around President Erdogan. One party deputy says touching Erdogan is a form of prayer. Another party deputy declares that Erdogan […] Continue reading →

Nuclear framework for Iran riddled with holes

PRAYER ALERT: On paper, the nuclear framework agreement between Iran and Western powers looks airtight. Can Iran be trusted to keep it that way? Currently, Iran has been enriching uranium up to 20%, which is enough for medical purposes. But that uranium could be concentrated to produce 90% enriched uranium, which is weapons-grade. Iran is […] Continue reading →

Blood moon rises after Iran nuclear deal

PRAYER ALERT: On April 2 Western powers struck a nuclear deal with Iran. The US and EU promised to lift sanctions if Iran allowed inspectors to verify it was scaling back its nuclear program. Two days during Passover later a blood moon appeared. It was the third of four blood moons—a tetrad—occurring on biblical feast […] Continue reading →

ISIS inspired gang claims Yemen mass killings

PRAYER ALERT: An ISIS inspired group claimed responsibility for two mass killings on March 20 in Yemen. During midday prayers, suicide bombers struck two Shiite Houthi mosques in the capital city of Sana’a. In one of the mosques, worshipers were reciting in unison, “Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to […] Continue reading →

Yemen chaos exploited by Al Qaeda

PRAYER ALERT: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is rallying Sunni tribes against the Houthi Shiite revolution in Yemen. Sunni AQAP is gaining ground in Yemen’s hinterlands. It is drawing support away from deposed Sunni President Hadi. Amid the Yemen chaos, President Hadi fled from the capital city Sana’a to establish a power base in […] Continue reading →

Sydney hostage crisis ends with police raid

PRAYER ALERT: Police stormed a Sydney, Australia cafe where a jihadist had held at least 15 people hostage for 16 hours. They used flash grenades apparently to temporarily blind the perpetrator. Some of the Sydney hostage victims fled while others were taken out on stretchers. One received CPR at the scene. Three died, including the […] Continue reading →

Russian war games taken seriously by West

PRAYER ALERT: Since March, when Russia annexed Crimea, it has played a dangerous game of military provocations. The European Leadership Network (ELN) has identified 39 incidents of close encounters between Russian and NATO forces in the past eight months. These Russian war games include three high-risk incidents. –On March 3 a Russian spy plane was […] Continue reading →

ISIS gains allies in Turkey, al Qaeda & MB

PRAYER ALERT: The world has recently watched ISIS become the most vicious of many competing terrorist groups in the Middle East. It is the most efficient in seizing territory. It is the most successful in attracting and recruiting individual terrorists. If ISIS gains allies in nearby nations and other global terrorist organizations, its power will […] Continue reading →

Rocket attacks on Israel abetted by Iran

PRAYER ALERT: Israel’s current offensive against jihadist Hamas in Gaza is directed in part at Hamas’ caches of about 10,000 rockets. Hamas got those rockets from Iran after 2005. That was the year that Israel gave Gaza to Palestinian Arabs in exchange for peace. Instead of living in peace, Hamas has been firing hundreds of […] Continue reading →

Bring back our girls-before Islam takes more

PRAYER ALERT: Though Islamic rulers remain silent on the issue, the rest of the world is now sounding the alarm on the recent mass kidnapping by militant Muslims in Nigeria. The US, Britain, France, Israel and China are committing personnel, expertise and surveillance equipment to help find the still missing 223 schoolgirls. Yet is it […] Continue reading →

Russian moral supremacy-in Syria, Ukraine too?

PRAYER ALERT: In his state of the nation speech on Dec. 12 Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed Russian moral supremacy over the West in its world-view. He decried Western governments’ “destruction of traditional values from above.” He said it “runs counter to the will of the majority of people.” He called the West’s tolerance of […] Continue reading →