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House of Prayer Updates

Sodomy verdict to be prayed for in all Belize

BC-HOP PRAYER for sodomy verdict. Belize Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin said he will deliver the sodomy verdict on July 27. Right here at Remar heads of six denominations and other national evangelical leaders, including Church Senator Ashley Rocke, met on July 5th. They agreed to call all Christians in the nation to pray that the […] Continue reading →

Normalizing prostitution cheapens sex & family

BC-HOP Prayer on normalizing prostitution. New arguments for legalizing and normalizing prostitution have hit Belize airwaves. On May 31 Elisa Castellanos and Isabel McMillan of Tikkum Olam promoted this on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes. They contend that normalizing prostitution would give women a new source of income without shame. It would lift prostitutes to the […] Continue reading →

Revival prep & Halal March this week

BC-HOP PRAYER on revival prep. This week every day Tues-Sun a Daniel King Ministries team will hold revival prep meetings in each district in Belize. Tuesday the team will be in Belmopan, Wednesday in Punta Gorda, Thursday in Dangriga, Friday in San Pedro and Saturday in Orange Walk and Corozal. (See schedule below). On Sunday […] Continue reading →

Marijuana potency tricks blow kids away

BC-HOP PRAYER on marijuana potency. Advocates of decriminalizing marijuana in Belize should check how marijuana potency has risen. Studies show marijuana today is generally 15-30 times stronger than in 1970.Yet Belize’s Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) wants to reduce penalties for marijuana possession to BZE $15 per gram for up to 10 grams. DOMC doesn’t […] Continue reading →

Millenium goals measure Belize’s progress

BC-HOP PRAYER for Millenium Goals. In 2000 the UN set eight Millenium Goals for nations to achieve by 2015. How did Belize measure up? Goal 1 was to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Belize came up short, despite its overall economic growth. Belize’s Conditional Cash Transfer and Food Pantry programs are still too young to […] Continue reading →

Party spirit or Holy Spirit to win in Belize?

BC-HOP Prayer for Families & Government. Concerning the current party spirit. We need fathers to step into their God-given roles as heads of their families. To reject passivity and to accept responsibility. To find God’s ways for their families and to lead courageously. Fathers are needed in crises such as the summer-long famine and our recent […] Continue reading →

Floodwaters sweep through Belize City streets

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & Economy: Belize City floodwaters. Since this past weekend low pressure weather sitting on the Bay of Campeche have dumped clouds full of rainfall on central and northern Belize. Ten inches fell on Belize City within 36 hours. The two main highways into the city were swamped with floodwaters. Drains quickly […] Continue reading →

Jimmy Morales says Belize is Guatemalan turf

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & media. Top Guatemalan presidential candidate Jimmy Morales said he wants to recover Belize for Guatemala. On September 13 he got more votes—25 percent—than any other candidate. On October 25 he will face off in the final vote with former First Lady Sandra Torres de Colom. Jimmy Morales wants to make […] Continue reading →

Sarstoon disputed by Guat Navy, not Church

BC-HOP Government & Spiritual Life Prayer. GOB has been reconsidering its plans to build a forward base for the Belize Defense Force on Sarstoon Island. But the Belize Territorial Volunteers are passionately calling for the base to be built. They believe it is needed to assert Belize’s ownership of the island and Sarstoon River. Guatemala […] Continue reading →

Voices speak what the Body in Belize is doing

BC-HOP Spiritual Life & Media Prayer. Two Christian publication voices are helping believers to track what God is doing in churches and ministries around the nation. One is a brand-new monthly newsletter, The Voice. Its first issue features the recent Vessels Revival Fire conference and the Men’s Rally in the Cayo District. It follows the […] Continue reading →

Repentance and forgiveness crucial to Body life

BC-HOP Spiritual Life Prayer: Yolanda Martinez, counselor and intercessor, shared what she has observed of the increase of conflict in the Church in Belize. The enemy is stirring up strife in the body of Christ. Infighting, quarrels, gossip and slander are turning Christians against one another. That is the world’s way of reacting to conflict. It […] Continue reading →

Gay pride crashes Belize independence party

Prayer for Family & Education: Caribbean Villas Resort in San Pedro is promoting a “Temptation Island” Gay Pride Week on Sept. 5-12. It plans nightly activities such as a drag show, a runway model show, a toga party, a leather and lace party, and a masquerade ball. These activities are obviously designed to stir up […] Continue reading →

Belize & Guatemala again seek vote on border

BC-HOP Government & Economy Prayer. Belize and Guatemala soon expect to sign an amendment to the 2008 agreement on their border dispute. Each country had agreed to hold a referendum letting voters decide whether to submit the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In 2013 Guatemala backed out of the agreement. It charged […] Continue reading →

Premarital sex, or courtship before marriage?

Family & Education Prayer: We know that many boys drop out of high school and face fewer work opportunities as a result. But many girls are also dropping out to run off with boyfriends. Sometimes this happens with their parents’ consent, sometimes because they are being abused at home. This premarital sex results in pregnancy […] Continue reading →

Belize corruption needs correction before gain

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & Economy: On April 10-12 in New York, Caribbean reparations leaders agreed to join forces in seeking reparations from former slave-trading nations, such as Great Britain & Spain. They are working to implement the Jan. 2014 decision of CARICOM to embark on a 10-point programme for “Reparatory Justice.” On the same […] Continue reading →

Protest music aims at Belize gang wars

Government & Media Prayer: On March 27 the Belize Police Department launched a “Be Loving And Cease Killing” (BLACK) campaign. It started with a six-mile 2000-strong march through high-crime Belize City neighborhoods. They included Pink’s Alley, Jump Street or Wagner Lane, George Street, and Mayflower Street. The march stopped at hot spots where gangs hang out. […] Continue reading →