Belize Border Cutting: PG’s Wil Maheia and territorial volunteers “on their own!”

CHRISTIAN NEWS: SOURCE. Amandala Headline — 26 February 2013 Belize government refuses protection to the nationalist group planning to cut border path between Belize and Guatemala – on the Belize side of the border! Wil Maheia told Amandala today that plans for the Belize Territorial Volunteers to execute the project, “Clearing Our Borderline,” at the […] Continue reading →

Deadline near for serious US spending cuts

NEWS UPDATE: In 2011 it was hard to find an economist who gave the US any chance of surviving a major economic collapse in 2012, unless it made drastic spending cuts. The one bipartisan plan that most economists agreed would succeed was the Simpson-Bowles plan, authored by Republican Alan Simpson (former senator from Wyoming) and […] Continue reading →

Chinese army unit hacks into US infrastructure

PRAYER ALERT: A large majority of computer hacker attacks on US corporations and government agencies originate from one white tower in Shanghai—the headquarters of Chinese Army Unit 61398, according to Mandiant, a US computer security firm. Since Mandiant began its investigation in 2006, it has documented 141 confirmed attacks while other security experts have estimated […] Continue reading →

One billion Catholics seek new pope

PRAYER ALERT: Pope Benedict XVI, now 85 years old, has announced that he will retire on February 28. There is already widespread speculation about who the next pope will be and what direction he will take. While the Catholic Church and evangelicals do have differences, there is much we can agree on and much we […] Continue reading →

Churches call Belizeans back to God after massacre

NEWS UPDATE: BELIZE ASSOCIATION OF EVANGELICAL CHURCHES PRESS RELEASE In its quarterly meeting that was held on January 21, 2013, the Evangelical Association denounced the hideous quadruple murders that occurred earlier this month and the continuing crime and violence in Belize. We believe that Belizeans desire peace and want our country to be “the tranquil […] Continue reading →