US military fights Christians, favors enemies

PRAYER ALERT: On Memorial Day let us remember how the US military and this nation were started. George Washington became the first US Commander in Chief in 1775 and the first US President in 1789, both by unanimous votes. As Commander in Chief Washington exhorted his men to pray daily. He credited many victories to […] Continue reading →

Sodomy lawsuit goes to Belize’s Supreme Court

PRAYER ALERT: The case to legalize sodomy goes before Belize Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on May 7. Sodomy has rarely been legalized anywhere in the past, except in places like Sodom, for many good reasons. The case against sodomy is overwhelming from any standpoint: health, safety, family, education, law, ethics, religion, society, or […] Continue reading →

Gosnell clinic trial helps halt all abortions in Delaware

PRAYER ALERT: Media exposure of the Gosnell clinic trial is provoking other abortion clinics to clean up or cover up their own atrocious practices. In Delaware the only two remaining abortion clinics have stopped operating. Planned Parenthood in Dover has temporarily suspended surgical abortions. Its affiliate in Wilmington has closed completely for cleaning and re-staffing. Three […] Continue reading →