The church's role in politics, pt. 1

TEACHING: Belize awaits the church’s response to its new pro-LGBT gender policy. The US Supreme Court decisions on same sex marriage in the DOMA and Proposition 8 cases will have global effects to reckon with. But what is the church’s role in politics? And specifically, how should the church in Belize respond? Here are some […] Continue reading →

Redefining gender in Belize & church response

BELIZE JOURNAL. The churches in Belize have gained much unity in two years of awareness and prayer campaigns targeting the legalization of sodomy. They have been spearheaded by Belize Action and backed by both the Evangelical Association and the Belize Council of Churches. These campaigns against the whole gay agenda, including redefining gender, have caused […] Continue reading →

Ban same sex marriage? SCOTUS votes

PRAYER ALERT: This week the Supreme Court of the US is expected to rule on two pivotal same-sex marriage cases, DOMA and California’s Proposition 8. In 2008 a majority of Californians voted to ban same sex marriage. But Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional by one actively gay judge. Prop 8 may be struck down in […] Continue reading →

Sudden political shifts in Iran, Turkey, Syria

PRAYER ALERT: Iran elected a new president, Hassan Rowhani, on Saturday, June 15. Rowhani immediately promised greater cooperation with the US and other Western powers. These powers have been supporting UN sanctions against Iran due to its nuclear program, which Iran could use in its oft-state aims to destroy Israel and the US. The UN […] Continue reading →

US cyber spying targets evangelicals

PRAYER ALERT: We keep learning more about IRS cyber spying which has targeted 500+ conservative organizations. These include evangelical Christians, whom the US Army has named as the No. 1 extremist threat to the US. The army ranks evangelicals above al Qaeda and other Muslim organizations whose stated intent is to destroy the US. The […] Continue reading →

US cyber warfare tracks billion+ calls

NEWS UPDATE: Knowledge is power. That is why information cyber warfare now dominate the headlines. Military experts have long known that knowledge is more valuable than weapons. That “knowledge will increase” (Dan. 12:4) is one sign of the end times. And in our times, the increase of knowledge is accelerating faster than ever. Advanced techniques […] Continue reading →

New gender policy secretly approved in Belize

PRAYER ALERT. An uproar followed the revelation that in March the Cabinet of Belize approved a new gender policy without informing the public. The UN-funded document was not published until two months later by the National Women’s Commission. NWC representative Adele Catzim Sanchez explained on May 17 to Channel 7 that “gender orientation is also […] Continue reading →