Iranian nuclear deal may force Israeli attack

PRAYER ALERT: Will Iran make good on its promises to reduce its uranium enrichment to levels below weapons-grade quality, as specified in the Iranian nuclear deal? Despite the ongoing combative rhetoric of many of Iran’s leaders, there is widespread public support for the deal in Iran. But many long-time observers are highly skeptical. John Bolton, […] Continue reading →

The coming move of God in Belize

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 2: In a widely-circulated word of the Lord for Belize, Bahamian prophetic minister Benn Smith spoke of the coming move of God. “There is a move of God that is getting ready to hit this nation. I am getting you ready for the final harvest. Mercy triumphs over justice when anyone turns […] Continue reading →

The word of the Lord for Belize

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 1: Many intercessors have confirmed the word of the Lord for Belize given by prophetic minister Benn Smith from the Bahamas. He released this word on October 25 at an outdoor gathering in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout. It amounts to so many pages that we are providing excerpts with comments […] Continue reading →