Gay agenda defeated in 3 nations-Belize next?

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt.1: The year 2013 is ending with major victories for traditional family values over the gay agenda in three nations. All three of them—India, Australia and Jamaica—are British Commonwealth nations. This bodes well for the former British colony Belize. In fact India was repeatedly cited as a precedent for legalizing gay sex in […] Continue reading →

Pro LGBT ads can't be forced on Jamaican TV

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt.2: Gay activist Maurice Tomlinson recently claimed that three Jamaican TV stations were violating his rights by refusing to publicize his pro LGBT ads. Did Tomlinson make this claim so he could gain more publicity by taking the TV stations to court? Defense Attorney Georgia Gibson Henson thought so. Apparently the Jamaica Supreme […] Continue reading →

Russian moral supremacy-in Syria, Ukraine too?

PRAYER ALERT: In his state of the nation speech on Dec. 12 Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed Russian moral supremacy over the West in its world-view. He decried Western governments’ “destruction of traditional values from above.” He said it “runs counter to the will of the majority of people.” He called the West’s tolerance of […] Continue reading →

Protesters force Ukraine-EU deal, defy Russia

PRAYER ALERT: In response to an overwhelming tide of demonstrations, the Ukrainian government has agreed to sign a trade deal with the European Union. President Viktor Yanukovych was favoring a stronger alliance with Russia when he turned down a Ukraine-EU deal on Nov. 21. But activists from western Ukraine, which has more historical ties to […] Continue reading →