Ukraine leader mixes repression & concessions

PRAYER ALERT: Ukraine leader Viktor Yanukovych has recently offered major concessions to the growing opposition movement in his nation. On Jan. 27 Yanukovych revoked the harsh anti-protest laws which had instigated clashes between demonstrators and police last week. On Jan. 28 the Yanukovych-controlled parliament granted amnesty to protesters, provided that they leave the government buildings […] Continue reading →

Civil war in Ukraine, or new rulers?

PRAYER ALERT: Will the tug of war between East and West result in civil war in Ukraine? Maybe not. On one side, the opposition is already divided. The right-wing Svoboda party accepts the government’s amnesty plan and seeks a compromise which will avoid bloodshed. The left-wing Spilna Sprava faction aims to seize more buildings and […] Continue reading →

Syria peace talks begin with fighting words

PRAYER ALERT:As the Syria peace talks proceed in Montreux, Switzerland, Syria desperately needs a resolution to its escalating civil war. In three years it has killed more than 130,000—an average of about 125 a day. Out of Syria’s population of 23 million, 9 million depend on UN aid to survive because of the war. More […] Continue reading →

Persecution rises as Islam advances in Africa

PRAYER ALERT: Open Doors recently released its 2014 World Watch list of nations most oppressive toward practicing Christians. In 37 of these 50 nations, and 9 of the top 10, the main perpetrators are Muslims. Perhaps the most disturbing trend is the climb of African nations in these ranks. For example, Somalia, where jihadist factions […] Continue reading →