Boko Haram jihad displaces 250,000 Nigerians

PRAYER ALERT: Since January, about 250,000 people have fled from an escalated Boko Haram jihad campaign in northeast Nigeria. According to Amnesty International, more than 1500 have been killed so far in 2014 by Boko Haram and by government reprisals against its campaign. Many of the refugees from this conflict are living in makeshift camps. […] Continue reading →

France pushes back jihad in Africa

PRAYER ALERT: France has been the nation most helpful in resisting jihad in its former African colonies. In 2012 an al-Qaeda coalition waged a campaign that captured two-thirds of Mali. It sought to impose shariah law throughout the country. Prime Minister Diango Cissoko appealed for help from NATO, the UN, France and the African Union. […] Continue reading →

Will Ukraine elections or invasion prevail?

PRAYER ALERT: The May 25 Ukraine elections are drawing near. But many fear that Russia will preempt the Ukraine elections by invading the eastern, Russian-leaning half of the country first. Russia has been massing troops and armored vehicles at its border with Ukraine for weeks. Russia has already annexed Crimea after a vote widely condemned […] Continue reading →

Fearing Russian invasion, Eastern Europe rearms

PRAYER ALERT: Fears of an unstoppable Russian invasion are mounting. Moscow keeps massing troops on its border with Ukraine. Other eastern European nations now seek ways to prevent the same from happening to them. Poland is speeding up its missile defense plan. The Czech Republic defense minister proposed boosting military spending by 27%. Lithuania plans […] Continue reading →

Conflict in Ukraine threatens to widen

PRAYER ALERT: The day before Crimea voted to join Russia, Russian troops moved six miles north of the Crimean border. They took control of the eastern Ukraine village of Strilkove. Why? It’s the site of a natural gas distribution station. Crimea still depends wholly on the Ukrainian mainland for its fuel, fresh water and electricity. […] Continue reading →

Belize touts womens rally, warns teacher rally

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 1. Belize’s Ministry Of Education allowed school classes to close so that women teachers could attend the “20,000 Womens Rally” on March 6. But MOE threatened to dock the pay of teachers who left their classes to attend the March 7 teachers’ rally for better pay. This threat comes barely 5 weeks […] Continue reading →

Belize Strong Men rally for world witnesses

NEWS UPDATE: At Friday’s Belize Strong Men Rally, hundreds of men heard testimonies of radical healing and national impact. We heard teachings on taking responsibility for our lives, marriages, families and country. On closing our doors to the enemy. On opening our doors to Father God. On living up to His standard by His power […] Continue reading →