Euroskeptics vote against EU

PRAYER ALERT: Newspaper headlines called it a political earthquake. On May 22-25, elections were held for the European Parliament, the legislative branch of the European Union (EU). But it was the anti-EU parties which polled strongly in the UK, France, Denmark and Italy. The surprisingly big Euroskeptics vote left top leaders shaken and admitting the […] Continue reading →

Chinese hackers indicted by US in cyberwarfare

PRAYER ALERT: For the first time, the US is aiming criminal charges of computer hacking against foreigners. The Justice Department has indicted five members of the Chinese military for using cyberwarfare to steal trade secrets from top US companies in the steel, nuclear plant and solar power industries. The five Chinese hackers operated out of […] Continue reading →

Russia and China talks pose threat to West

  PRAYER ALERT: The presidents of Russia and China are meeting in Shanghai with leaders from Iran and Central Asia. Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping seek to close decade-long negotiations over a multibillion-dollar sale of natural gas from Russia to China. Iran and Central Asia are potential partners in the deal. Russia’s […] Continue reading →

Bring back our girls-before Islam takes more

PRAYER ALERT: Though Islamic rulers remain silent on the issue, the rest of the world is now sounding the alarm on the recent mass kidnapping by militant Muslims in Nigeria. The US, Britain, France, Israel and China are committing personnel, expertise and surveillance equipment to help find the still missing 223 schoolgirls. Yet is it […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram condemned? Not by Islamic rulers

PRAYER ALERT: The kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls by Muslim militant group Boko Haram has set off a worldwide campaign to rescue them. Though 53 have escaped, 223 are still missing. According to their families, most of the kidnapped girls are Christian. This should come as no surprise. About 600 Nigerian Christians were killed in […] Continue reading →

Belize church leadership team to meet with PM

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 1. On April 9th the new Belize church leadership team for evangelicals held its first meeting. Represented were five of the six district chapters of the newly reorganized Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, plus the Belmopan chapter. Two district chairman participated by Skype. All seven BAEC chapters are still in the process of […] Continue reading →

Spanish speaking churches urged to join BAEC

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 2. The new constitution for the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches specifically calls for chapters to form in all six districts of Belize. But that is just the first step in becoming one united voice for evangelicals in the nation. On April 28 BAEC not only approved of the new constitution, we […] Continue reading →