Word of God for Belize's leaders

BELIZE JOURNAL Pt. 1: A new national evangelical leadership is taking shape in Belize. It needs new direction. On June 14 we received a highly relevant word of God in a message by a visiting speaker from Nigeria. Johnelle McKenzie has transcribed it in six pages for wider distribution. This word of God, delivered by […] Continue reading →

MH17 crash ignites war of words & pictures

PRAYER ALERT: Russia says it has photos that place the blame of the July 17 Malaysian Flight MH17 crash on Ukraine. The photos allegedly show the following: on the day of the MH17 crash, Ukrainians moved 3-4 Buk missile systems and deployed them near rebel-held Donetsk. A Ukrainian fighter jet accelerated toward MH17. The fighter […] Continue reading →

Ukrainian rebels blamed for MH17 crash fiasco

PRAYER ALERT: The remains of the 298 victims of the July 17 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 have been treated with utter disregard by Russian-backed Ukrainian rebels. For two days they let the bodies decompose in the summer heat. Looters scavenged through their personal belongings. Cash and credit cards vanished from wallets. Ukrainian rebels […] Continue reading →

Rocket attacks on Israel abetted by Iran

PRAYER ALERT: Israel’s current offensive against jihadist Hamas in Gaza is directed in part at Hamas’ caches of about 10,000 rockets. Hamas got those rockets from Iran after 2005. That was the year that Israel gave Gaza to Palestinian Arabs in exchange for peace. Instead of living in peace, Hamas has been firing hundreds of […] Continue reading →

Hamas targets Israel, Israel targets weapons

PRAYER ALERT: Jihadist Hamas has released a music video calling for the killing of all Israelis. “Raze it [Israel] to the ground, exterminate the cockroaches’ nest, and banish all the Zionists,” the song says. One way Hamas targets Israel for death is its 9-year-old rocket attack campaign. The campaign has accelerated since July 8 when […] Continue reading →

Belize youth farm project stalled in court

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 1. On June 30 the Government of Belize placed another obstacle in the way of the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association. BGYEA wants to plant corn on 1322 acres of unused government land. On June 27 the Supreme Court struck down a government injunction preventing the youth farm project from using the […] Continue reading →

Belizean money in high demand, low supply

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 2. Belize unions and activist groups joined together on June 6 in an umbrella movement called the “Rod of Correction.” They target negligence and corruption in government. They hope they can wield this “Rod” with more power together than they can individually. They hope to get more Belizean money out of a […] Continue reading →