Central America drought keeps millions hungry

PRAYER ALERT: The current Central America drought is the worst on record in 38 years, according to Nicaragua’s Institute of Territorial Studies. Millions in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala face severe food shortages as a result. ABC News reports: “In Guatemala, about 170,000 families lost almost all of their crops, while in El Salvador […] Continue reading →

Belize PM talk with Church on gender delayed

GOVERNMENT & ECONOMY PRAYER: The Church’s meeting with the Belize PM Dean Barrow on the gender policy has been postponed again & again since July. Now it appears the main participants won’t be here to come together until late September. In the meantime BAEC is planning three nights of corporate prayer to take place just before […] Continue reading →

Iraqi Christian refugees flee ISIS genocide

PRAYER ALERT: The recent US airstrikes against ISIS terrorists have come too late for masses of Iraqi Christian refugees. Since June, ISIS has grabbed global attention by seizing large swaths of land in Iraq. It has begun to impose shariah law on these lands. ISIS has demanded that Christians either embrace Islam, pay the tax […] Continue reading →

Al Maliki shunned, Iraq leader names new PM

PRAYER ALERT: On August 12 newly elected Iraqi President Fouad Massoum nominated Deputy Prime Minister Haider al Ibadi as Iraq’s new prime minister. This came one day after current PM Nouri al Maliki aggressively positioned himself for a third term. He mobilized his police and special forces throughout Baghdad. They closed key bridges and occupied checkpoints. They secured […] Continue reading →

Ebola outbreak —stop it with care & prayer

PRAYER ALERT: Since the Ebola outbreak began in February, 887 have died in West Africa. There is no vaccine to prevent it. Until last week, there was no proof that any treatment could cure it. Then two American missionaries were infected while trying to stop the Ebola outbreak in Monrovia, Liberia. They asked for prayer. […] Continue reading →

For Belize PM to approve God's gender policy

SPIRITUAL LIFE IN BELIZE: Many don’t realize the great power the Church has now that the Evangelical Association has new chapters in every district of Belize. And yet many district leaders are having difficulty coming to these crucial get-togethers—or finding delegates to come in their place. Or even participating online using Skype. It is so […] Continue reading →