ISIS in Australia foiled in beheadings plot

PRAYER ALERT: On Sept. 18 about 900 heavily armed police carried out raids against supporters of ISIS in Australia. The government had intercepted messages from a top Australian ISIS operative in Syria. ISIS supporters were ordered to seize citizens at random off the streets. They were to cut off their heads in public. The police […] Continue reading →

ISIS in America – prophetic nightmare scenario

PRAYER ALERT: It could happen in America. Scripture warns that unwalled places are especially vulnerable to attack (Jdg. 18:7,10,27,28; Ezek. 38:1-16). Now God is warning prophetic people that ISIS in America, with its porous borders, is poised for broad attacks. Internationally-known prophetic voice Rick Joyner has sounded the alarm. He received a troubling dream on […] Continue reading →

Human trafficking in US: 244,000 kids at risk

Human Trafficking in US: 244,000 kids at risk. From IPMI September Prayer Agenda–Foreign Nationals Trafficked into the US 14,500 – 17,500 – Number of foreign nationals trafficked into the US every year. o   Source: DOJ, HHS, DOS, DOL, DHS, and USAID. Assessment of US Government Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons: June 2004. Human Trafficking in […] Continue reading →

Human trafficking worldwide hits 27 million

Human trafficking worldwide: From IPMI September Prayer Agenda–Following is a list of available statistics estimating the scope of human trafficking worldwide : 27 million – number of people in modern-day slavery across the world; o   (Source – Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves). 800,000 – Number of people trafficked across international borders every year. o   […] Continue reading →

Online course: Group Prayer for Global Power

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1. I have a new online course for intercessors, and I‘m looking for early adopters to start it soon. And a WordPress-savvy website adviser to help implement it. Its first title was Building a National Prayer Movement. That’s what we’re doing here in Belize. A new national leadership of evangelical churches is taking […] Continue reading →

Group Prayer for Global Power: course outline

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.2: GROUP PRAYER FOR GLOBAL POWER—course outline. SEPT. Starting a prayer movement Global change begins with you Going wider in prayer for your city & nation From prayer targets to prayer campaigns Prayer campaigns for the 7 mountains of national influence   OCT. Group prayer strategies & guidelines VICTORY prayer strategy Praying with authority […] Continue reading →